Early October Launch of iPhone 5 Confirmed by AT&T Vice President to Employees? [Updated]

BGR briefly reports that an AT&T vice president has confirmed to some employees that the iPhone 5 is indeed slated to launch in early October as has recently been rumored by several sources. Additionally, the VP communicated the following to a group of managers: “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 … Read more

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What Should We Tell Our Children? – How a college education has lost value in the current economy

I walk through the halls of the school I work at and, year after year, I hear parents speaking the same words: “You have to do good in school so you can get into college.” The irony of the matter is that most of these parents have not attended college themselves, but based on popular … Read more

From Unemployed Orchestrator To Startup Founder, Part IV

(UPDATE: Check out the CBS feature on ForOrchestra.com’s tribute to Amy Winehouse). This series chronicles the experiences of Walt Ribeiro after he was laid off and started his new company, For Orchestra, while on unemployment (Prior installments: Part I; Part II; Part III). It’s funny how things are so much clearer the further down the road you go. … Read more