Checking In From Ballyseede Castle, Tralee, Ireland (Taxi Cab Confessions #1 – Dimitri)

Hey Financial Binners, I wanted to finally give you a quick rundown about the Financial Bin’s trip to Ireland.  As I said, we would attempt to reach out to the people of Ireland regarding their economy and general welfare of the European Union.  Thus far, not only has Internet connection been tough to come by … Read more

Leslie Jacobs: Layoffs Be Damned — I Survived and YOU Will Too! – Part I

(This series chronicles the experiences of Leslie Jacobs, Founder of “Les Mess”). With one remark made in 2008, my whole life changed. It started with my boss telling me and my co-worker that layoffs would be happening.  In a friendly way, my boss whispered to me, “Leslie, you’ll be the one laid off.” It made … Read more

Nonprofit Series, Part III: Do I Really Need Nonprofit Bylaws?

All Corporations should have bylaws.  The emphasis is on “should” because state and federal laws do not mandate much of anything when it comes to bylaws. The bylaws are important as a nonprofit because they are going to contain all of the essential information which the IRS requires to know about regarding how your corporation … Read more