May 27, 2017

Credit Cards and the College Student

  This month, thousands of students return to college campuses across the United States for another year of academic enrichment. If the phrase “academic enrichment” sounds like one that an “academic” would use, well, I’m “guilty as charged.” Having taught writing and literature at various colleges and universities for 16 years, I know firsthand that […]

Order and Optimism in Your Financial Life

financial order and optimism

In a previous article, I stated that to gain a sense of control over spending and especially over credit card debt, people must know how much they owe on each of their cards.  And they should put this in writing.  It’s important to grab a pen and paper or create a spreadsheet and list these […]

Do You Know What You Owe?

inspecting 20 bucks

There’s an old saying, “Knowledge is power.”  There’s a level of truth to that.  When you have knowledge of something, you have the potential to apply it and possibly improve your life.  This philosophy works with regards to credit card debt.  Read on and see why. Frequently, I speak with people who tell me, “I’d […]

The ‘3 Es’ of Credit Card Debt

credit card debt

  Why do people have credit card debt? There are many answers to that question. But in the 17 years I have spent studying this topic, I have noticed that the reasons fall within three primary categories, which I call “The 3 Es”: Emergencies, Ease, and Entitlement. I have also learned that while some circumstances […]