May 27, 2017

Need Any Advice on Selling Jewelry? Well, Here is a Little …

One of the things I have learned over the last two years is that, when you first get into the jewelry making business you will spend your days making product. I, at the time, wanted to see my jewelry on people and in galleries badly enough  that I would sell for rock bottom price. I […]

Selling alongside the foreign factories

The jewelry industry is estimated to make 230 billion dollars by the year 2015 growing 4.6% year over year, states the US department of commerce. Although this is unpredictable as we have been in a recession since the year 2008. This year the industry has grown 8% states  I myself design and sell jewelry […]

Promoting Your Business With Social Media

Today, people running a business can’t afford to not run social media promotions concerning their business. Anyone who is worth anything is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, or has a business blog. I personally have all the above with the exception of LinkedIn. I use all of these social media sites to promote both of my businesses. […]