May 27, 2017

Rebuilding Your Credit Through Responsible Spending

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Your credit score is something you need to take seriously. Having poor credit will cause many unnecessary obstacles in your life. Securing steady employment could be difficult even if you are great worker. Getting a loan will cost you more in interest charges. Obtaining a decent apartment will be a hassle as well. However, you […]

Martha Jackson: Choosing a Managed Forex Trading Account


Some of the world’s largest banks pay thousands a year to professionals who specialise in trading Forex. But in a market where only a small percentage of traders manage to become highly successful, it is no wonder that many Forex traders turn to quick fixes to try and turn profits in times of desperation. Most […]

Forcing Yourself To Regularly Set Aside Savings From Every Paycheck


When we talk about budgeting, we usually focus primarily on those areas of a budget where actual spending occurs. We focus, for example, on the mortgage payments you need to make or on the student loans you need to repay, on the percentage that you spend on food and the amount that goes towards transportation. […]

A Lazy Approach to Business Can Work if Physical Laws Are Respected

While optimizing your potential for “hammock time” can be an admirable objective in today’s topsy-turvy world, many small business owners mistakenly slip into this slower-paced philosophy without attending to the tasks that will support this mode of behavior.  At some point in a new venture’s early development stage, luck and good timing can play a […]

Learning from past mistakes: How important are project reviews and reports in determining the success of future projects?

PRINCE2 project management has a number of Principles that are universal in their application. I view these as ‘generic critical success factors’ as if they were absent from the project, the project is likely to fail. There are seven Principles in PRINCE2 – two of which are: 1. Manage-by-Exception 2. Manage-by-Stages The second of this […]

Dealing With Debt

Debt is, quite literally, a four letter word. But does that mean we shouldn’t talk about it? On the contrary, it’s precisely the ability to sweep debt talk under the rug that allows so many people to spiral further into financial chaos. All of a sudden, they wake up and are tens of thousands of […]

While in Student Loan Debt, Follow Some Wise Strategies to Save Money


In most of the cases it has been seen that getting higher education costs you your finances. That is, getting higher education is a costly affair and for that you need to take out student loans. Thus, mounting student debt is a common problem for most of the students and their families. Students, in order […]