How Joe Paretta, Author of “Master The Card: Say Goodbye to Credit Card Debt,” Escaped the Debt Dungeon (Episode #1)

For several years, I used credit cards haphazardly.  I would charge nearly everything, from a twenty-five cent pack of gum to a twenty-five hundred dollar vacation.  Also, I accumulated credit and store cards like it was a hobby.  When I “bottomed out,” I owned 12 to 14 cards (some with zero balance) and was approximately … Read more

Ryan Bales, CEO of @Budgetable, on @FinancialBin Radio with @DavidDomzalski

On Tuesday, January 25, 2012, the Financial Bin‘s David Domzalski will speak with Ryan Bales, Founder and CEO of Budgetable. Budgetable automatically manages your budget and identifies wasteful spending. Follow them on Twitter: @Budgetable. We asked Ryan … Can you give the listeners a brief description of what you did prior to starting Budgetable? What … Read more

Financial Makeover 2012: 6 Resolutions That Will Improve Your Finances

The New Year is here and if you celebrated December 31, 2011 with confetti, champagne and a countdown but didn’t make the resolution to improve your personal finances—fear not, for it is never too late to give your financial lifestyle a makeover!  We are just a few days into 2012 so forget about 2011, kiss … Read more