By Tim Reid / REUTERS LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The smell of rotting food and decay inside 10956 South Wilmington Avenue, Los Angeles, was overwhelming. A burst pipe in the kitchen ceiling leaked water onto a floor littered with half empty cans, razor blades, odd shoes, stained clothing and an upturned, mold-ridden sofa. Windows were … Read more

Your Money: Reading the Tea Leaves of Housing Data

Article By: Beth Pinsker Gladstone / REUTERS NEW YORK (Reuters) – Recent conflicting housing data has confused consumers and economists alike. Mortgage rates are hitting new historic lows, but, contrary to conventional wisdom, pending home sales and mortgage applications have declined. At the same time, home prices are rising. And that’s just this month. With … Read more

7 Tips For Laying Floor in Your Home if You Have No Clue How to Begin

As some of you may know, my husband and I bought our first house last summer. After spending months shopping, we finally settled on what to me was the perfect house. Last summer, I spent two months painting, painting, and painting with my wonderful father before we moved and settled in. With a house, though, your … Read more


I will be honest. I didn’t know. I knew all about taxes, mortgage, and insurance. I knew about emergency plans and having a little extra set aside each month. But, I didn’t know about everything else — paint, molding, flooring, mops, vacuums, furniture, more paint, flowers, hanging baskets, wreaths on the door, lawn mowers, trimmers, … Read more

What Exactly Is ‘Move-in Ready’?!?

When I began looking for my first home, one of the first questions my real estate agent asked me was: “What type of house are you looking for?” My reply:  “Something that needs some TLC.” What I saw were dated kitchens, homes with 20-year-old carpet in every room, wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper, vinyl flooring, and terrible … Read more