Struggling To Pay Rent? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do Now

Struggling To Pay Rent

Buying a house and taking out a mortgage isn’t for everyone. It may make better financial sense to rent, especially if you are single or are in a state of flux with your career. But what happens when you get into financial difficulty and can’t pay your rent?

For starters, don’t panic, but don’t ignore the issue either. These are the steps you need to take.

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4 Ways To Get Out Of The Rent Trap Now

get out of the rent trap

Being stuck in a cycle of renting is not easy when you want to escape and buy a property that is your own. The cost of renting can be almost as much as the cost of a mortgage, and in some areas, it can be even more.

Saving for a deposit can be made very difficult when you are paying over the odds in rent, and then you end up trapped paying rent and you can never move into a home that is exclusively yours.

There are several ways that you can get out of the rent trap and speed up your savings efforts, and even if it takes more time than you expected, it can be done! Check out our savings hints below that are there to get you out of the trap that renting can put you in.

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How Landlords Can Save Money With These Property Maintenance Measures

property maintenance for landlords

If you’ve invested in property and you’re now a landlord, it’s important that you take good care of your place. This is important not only so that you can be a good landlord to your tenants, but also because it will save you money and protect your investment.

With that in mind, here are some of the most important preventative property maintenance tasks you’ll need to undertake if you want to save money now and in the long-term.

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Why The Second Viewing Is The Key To Your New Home Search

second viewing on a home

If you’re just about to embark on the journey to home ownership, the chances are that someone has already mentioned to you the importance of the second viewing. Yes, you may have fallen in love with that three-bed townhouse overlooking an idyllic countryside vista, or you may adore the top floor apartment with its great views, but you shouldn’t allow the endorphins released in your brain to encourage you to make an offer there and then.

It’s vital that you partake in a second viewing. Read on to find out how you can make a second viewing worthwhile.

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Should You Hire a Moving Company or Do It Yourself?

hire a moving company

If you want to move house but you don’t know if you need a moving company or not then you are not alone. There are hundreds of people out there who contemplate hiring a moving company every single day, so it helps to get some advice before you make your decision.

When you do think about hiring a moving company, you need to make sure that you note how many rooms you have, how far you are moving and how many items you have to move as well. Money will understandably be a huge factor in your decision as well, so look below to find out more.

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3 Important Tips You Should Know About Picking The Right Real Estate Agent

picking the right real estate agent

As far as the property investment game is concerned, while people talk about the right house to buy, and the best areas in which to live, nobody tells you exactly what type of real estate agents you should deal with. Choosing a real estate agent is a key part of the home buying process because they are the people you will be dealing with from the very start to the process and way after you finally made that sale or have bought that desired property.

So, when it comes to choosing a real estate agent, what do you need to look out for?

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3 Of The Most Lucrative Property Investment Ideas

property investment ideas

If you’re going into property investment, then exciting times lie ahead for you. Whether you’re investing to make money, or investing to buy your first home, there’s so many new things you’re going to have to deal with. If it’s for buying the home, you’re going to be dealing with the stresses of the actual move.

If it is just for making money, then you’re going to have to deal with the stresses of finding the right property that you think will make enough money. Whatever area you’re going into, property is always going to be fun. So here are some of the best property investment ideas we think you should try.

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Overseas Property Buying Mistakes You Need to Avoid

overseas property buying mistakes

Investing in property is a very popular way of tying up one’s money in the 21st Century, primarily because it is seen as a ‘safe bet’ – of course, there is no such thing. For sure, it is possible to make money and a lot of it when investing in property, but it is by no means a certainty.

Even if you’re buying property overseas on sites like, where your money will stretch much further, and the potential for growth is there, there is no saying whether you will make very much money or not because the housing markets can crash as well as boom, and then there’s the fact that you could make any number of mistakes that could make you regret every buying property at all.

That last part, at least, we might be able to help you out with. Take a look at these common overseas property buying mistakes, and ensure that you avoid them should you decide to invest abroad.

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Top 9 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When You’re Viewing A House

viewing a house

Some buyers go around a house for half an hour and they make a decision as to whether or not they want to buy it. The main thing to remember here is that this house is quite possibly going to be your home for the rest of your life, and half an hour might not be long enough for you to get a good idea of the property and what it has to offer.

Of course, it is understandable that you may not have hours spare to go through everything. So, it helps to have a checklist that can be used to try and work your way through the most important aspects of it.


The first thing that you need to take note of is whether there is damp or not. Damp can give off a very moldy smell and you may also see plaster that is flaking away from the walls. Other signs include watermarked walls and even ceilings as well. This may sound very obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook things like this. You will want to look around the skirting board, and if the house has been recently painted, make sure that you ask the owners about this before you make your decision.

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New vs. Old: Which Will Work Best For You As A First Time Home Buyer?

buying your first homeAre you looking into buying your first home? Or even packing up the home you have built and moving to somewhere new?

When you’re looking to buy a new place, you’re always going to be faced with a lot of options. Especially when you’re not too sure about whether you want a new property or something much older. Sometimes, there’s too much choice to take into consideration, and it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.

However, you’re going to want to try and cut through the noise and make the right choice to suit your situation and your family’s needs. But how do you know what that will be?

Consider some of these key real estate points to discover whether you really should be buying new or old.

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