Having Trouble Presenting the Financials? Let Randall Bolten, Author of “Painting with Numbers” Help You Out

We all have to do it. At some point in your life or career, you will have to give a presentation. Chances are your presentation will have numbers. How many numbers it involves depends on what field you’re in. However, it is very likely you will have to vouch for numbers that are in your … Read more

7 Tips For Laying Floor in Your Home if You Have No Clue How to Begin

As some of you may know, my husband and I bought our first house last summer. After spending months shopping, we finally settled on what to me was the perfect house. Last summer, I spent two months painting, painting, and painting with my wonderful father before we moved and settled in. With a house, though, your … Read more

Jeeva Ramaswamy: Invest Wisely With The Principles Used By Warren Buffett

Every investor should be able to earn millions of dollars from the stock market during their lifetime. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but intelligent investing. Warren Buffett learned investing from Ben Graham. Initially he practiced Graham’s teachings, then his principles evolved and he finally beat his mentor’s investment successes. When Graham died, … Read more

Plan on Investing in the Stock Market? You Might Want to Read “Market Whipped” by J.E. Foltz First …

Do you know what the MMORPG is?  What about the Dark Side? Can you identify the major players?  Any idea as to why the United States Government can be considered a “Game Master” when it comes to the stock market?  Put it this way – if you aspire to invest in the stock market (quite … Read more


I will be honest. I didn’t know. I knew all about taxes, mortgage, and insurance. I knew about emergency plans and having a little extra set aside each month. But, I didn’t know about everything else — paint, molding, flooring, mops, vacuums, furniture, more paint, flowers, hanging baskets, wreaths on the door, lawn mowers, trimmers, … Read more