MoneySlinger Creator Lee Roesner Explains the Importance of Mean-Based Budgeting on Financial Bin Radio with David Domzalski

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 5:30 PM Eastern, MoneySlinger creator Lee Roesner joined David Domzalski on Financial Bin Radio to talk about how his program uses means-based budgeting. From Today, most traditional personal budgeting systems (if not all) use an accounting method normally referred to as zero-based budgeting. What you’re learning about here is MoneySlinger’s … Read more

Don’t Let Excessive Pride Sink Your Ship

One hundred years ago today, the unsinkable ship sunk. One hundred years ago today, 1,500 people perished because of mishaps that occurred due to excessive pride. I’ve always been fascinated by the Titanic, the Hindenburg, and events that surround these types of human accomplishments. It was particularly interesting to me how The History Press gave … Read more

What You Say vs. What You Do: How to Get Yourself to Agree with Yourself When Spending Money

You said yesterday that you were supposed to stop spending money on fast food (because it ‘ate up’ such a large part of your budget last month) yet you stopped by McDonald’s this afternoon because you weren’t paying any attention to the determined self talk you had this morning. You said last week you were … Read more

Chris Kemple, GM of the Wilmington Blue Rocks, Talks about the Business of Minor League Baseball on Financial Bin Radio with David Domzalski

On Thursday, April 5, 2012, David Domzalski of the Financial Bin will speak with Chris Kemple, the General Manager of the Wilmington Blue Rocks in Wilmington, DE. The Blue Rocks are the Class-A Advanced Affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. Make sure to follow the Wilmington Blue Rocks on Twitter @WilmBlueRocks and on Facebook. From … Read more