How To Really Transform Your Business Image

really transform your business image

Of course, with any startup company comes a lot of challenges heading your way. From changing the style and approach to how you manage your employees, to even making sure you’ve got the right employees on board. But before all of those things, you need to make sure that your business image is intact and solidified.

For any company that’s in the beginning stages of development, the image does a lot for you, it wins you new contracts, it attracts customers, but it also attracts employees. So, when it comes to your business image, what do we need to have in place? And for those that are struggling with their business image and feel that it needs a change, what are the best ways to change them?

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How To Stop Getting Ripped Off Starting Right Now

stop getting ripped off

The very foundation of business is to make as much money as you possibly can while putting in the least amount of time as you can. That is kind of the dream for any business owner, right. It is to get rich and retire happy. As such, getting ripped off is kind of a natural byproduct of business.

But getting ripped off doesn’t have to be as direct as that. Nor does it have to sound so fraudulent because, most of the time, rip-offs aren’t strange or illegal, they are just us allowing ourselves to have the wool pulled over our eyes.

We pay for things like graduation gown and cap hire just so that we can get an overpriced photo of ourselves holding some plastic tubing with a ribbon nailed into it. We pay more for travel-sized products because we can only take a certain amount onto a plane.

We get ripped off by landlords who have forced the previous tenants out by raising the rent knowing that someone else will pay that over-the-odds figure. And we opt for the cheapest product-slash-service we can get our hands on, only for it to be total rubbish, and then we wonder why.

Well, this needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

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Time For A New Home: Reasons To Build & Not Buy!

reasons to build and not buy a home

The time has come to move to a new home. It could be that your family has outgrown your current home and more space is needed, or it may be that you are bored of your current location. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that the time has come for a new home, and you need to take the time to consider.

If you are perhaps considering opting to build a new home, rather than buying one, then you have come to the right place. The fact is that each year, the number of people choosing to build houses, rather than buying them, is increasing. If you are on the fence about building vs buying, don’t worry, because we can help.

Below is a guide to everything that you need to know about choosing to build your next home. Have a read of this, take note, and make an informed decision about your next home.

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What To Do When Your Business Is Struggling

What To Do When Your Business Is Struggling

It’s a horrible moment when you come to the conclusion that your business is struggling, and may indeed fail. It’s heart-wrenching to know that despite all your months or years of hard work, you just don’t know what you can do to turn things around for your company. You’ve tried everything you can think of to bring in more business, but so far you’ve had no luck. It’s time to look at this problem from a different perspective.

If you want to avoid a call to the bankruptcy lawyers, it’s time to take some drastic cost-cutting measures. Below are three ways that you can help save some money in your company budget and give you some more time to get things moving in the right direction.

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Budgeting Advice For The Most Difficult Times In Life

Budgeting Advice For The Most Difficult Times In Life

No one wants to discuss the financial side of things when they are trapped in the middle of a personal and emotional crisis situation. However, as with everything in life, money is usually involved in some form or another, and neglecting to deal with it can leave you seriously out of pocket later on, and even compromise the chances of dealing with the situation in the best way.

That means it’s vital that you find out how to deal with this in the best way. Keep reading for the lowdown.

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Gig Economy: What It Is And How To Survive

the gig economy

The Origins Of The Gig

Part of being a millennial – or even one of the other generations that have been so influenced by millennials – means waving goodbye to workplace traditions, especially the archaic nine to five. That is why so many people have joined the freelance ranks; it is to work when and where they want.

Of course, this isn’t just because of millennials. It also has a lot to do with the 2008 economic meltdown where unemployment boomed and people began to take whatever work they could get the desperate hands on. Side hustles became full-time gigs, and this was the eureka moment for so many. It was the moment freelancing became mainstream. We’re talking about almost 35% of the workforce.

What made the gig economy official, though, was Uber. That thing burst onto the scene and changed everything. It gave people the chance to try their hand at the whole freelancer thing without much risk. Since then, Uber has become the status quo. It has changed it all.

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3 Crazy Ways That Poor Tech Use Can Actually Ruin You With Money

poor tech use can ruin you

There’s a common misconception among young adults that modern technology is the best way to organize your assets. Indeed, as the tools of facial recognition and password transcription are becoming more and more sophisticated, a lot of people assume that the levels of protection have increased greatly too.

In reality, modern technology provides greater access to your data in a click – or even without a click, depending on the tool you use. For digital-savvy Millennials, life couldn’t be easier. All it takes to make a phone call is to ask your phone to call one of your contacts.

Do you need to vacuum the house? Ask Alexa to start the vacuum cleaner, providing you use a compliant brand. You can even set your living room to the right temperature remotely as you’re on your way back from work. But, don’t be fooled by the false impression of safety that the digital world provides. In fact, digital risks could ruin you for good if you’re not careful.

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Are You Using Your Assets Wisely? Probably Not!

using your assets wisely

We all have assets that we could use for financial gain. This could be your home, your car, small items that you own or even collectibles in your attic. But how many of us actually use our assets to their full potential? Just a few and worse still we actually waste some assets completely.

We don’t use them at all. We squander them, and a brilliant example of this would be limited edition disc sets or movies that are in the collectible packaging. Now, if you are using the discs, the package is open, and the collectible item is on display then to an extent you’re using it. You’re not using it to the biggest financial gain, but you’re using it.

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