Can Debt Consolidation Be A Good Option to Resolve Student Debt?

These days your dream of studying in a top-notch business school can never become a reality if you do not borrow a student loan. Nowadays, the cost of studying in business schools has become untouchable for common people. And after the completion of the graduation the burden of student loan debt might seem devastating.  Here, … Read more

From Unemployed Orchestrator To Startup Founder, Part II

This series chronicles the experiences of Walt Ribeiro after he was laid off and started his new company, For Orchestra, while on unemployment.  You can read Part I here. I started my online music lesson school after my CD failed miserably. At the time, I still had no income and was not receiving unemployment because I was self-employed … Read more Checking In From Ballyseede Castle, Tralee, Ireland (Taxi Cab Confessions #1 – Dimitri)

Hey Financial Binners, I wanted to finally give you a quick rundown about the Financial Bin’s trip to Ireland.  As I said, we would attempt to reach out to the people of Ireland regarding their economy and general welfare of the European Union.  Thus far, not only has Internet connection been tough to come by … Read more

Why Customer Interaction Is Valuable to Long-Term Relationships

Although there are many types of long-term relationships, the ones you build with your customers are precious. Each customer is a messenger with regard to your company’s policies. The roadside is paved with many different corporations who felt that “good enough” was the way to go. This is the fastest and easiest way to work with the … Read more