Recap of #EntrepreneurIntervention, #GEW Twitter Chat with @Kathy_Andersen of

This is the Twitter transcript of Financial Bin’s chat with Kathy Andersen of and author of Change Your Shoes: Live Your Greatest Life on Wednesday, November 16, 2011:

@FinancialBin: What is entrepreneurship to you? What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

@Kathy_Andersen: Passion …. And digging deep into yourself to know what is true to your work in the world…

@FinancialBin: What was your first entrepreneurial experience?

@Kathy_Andersen: My first true experience was the start of my consulting firm, Development Connect … Because …it was an endeavor that was true to my purpose … To help others, but with a sound business model behind it.  That endeavor has led to many other opportunities, led by purpose.  If there is one [thing I learned], it is start with purpose and the rest of the business plan falls into place and leads to more.

@FinancialBin: What are some ways that the community can get involved in entrepreneurship?

@Kathy_Andersen: Well, I think volunteering is a great way … Help youth to develop entrepreneur initiatives … Help your local non profit to be more entrepreneurial … expand their activities, serve more people, etc. It’s a way to give and learn.

@FinancialBin: What was the greatest obstacle you’ve overcome on your entrepreneurial journey, and what was the lesson learned? 

@Kathy_Andersen: Self confidence … It is so easy for us to undermine the things we set out to do! We always need to believe in ourselves …. we each encounter so many challenges along our path … We each need to be our loudest cheerleader!!!

@FinancialBin: What were you doing prior to starting your current business? 

@Kathy_Andersen: Working in the corporate world … However, I took a break to go traveling to take a time out for me to clarify what I .. Really wanted to pursue in my life and for a greater purposes in the world.

@FinancialBin: What was missing for you in that role?

@Kathy_Andersen: Simply a sense of being able to use my creative and business skills full time to help create a better world … after I saw so much poverty through my travels …inHaitiand elsewhere, I wanted to commit myself to something more …

@FinancialBin: We need more people like you willing to take that on. I’m sure you have had a major impact on many people…

@Kathy_Andersen: We each have the opportunity to do that every day…in small ways and large ways…on my web site … I have a page called MAKE CHANGE.. It is the start of a way to help people to make change every day, in their lives and … And in the world.

@FinancialBin: What is your favorite quote on business or entrepreneurship?

@Kathy_Andersen: Never never never give up!  and on a personal note … Always know what matters to you and always be true to you!!!

@FinancialBin: Who would you want to play you in a movie of your business life & why?? 

@Kathy_Andersen: Julia Roberts! A woman encompassing all aspects of being a woman and embracing life!

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