12 Easy Lifestyle Tips To Deal With An Unsafe Neighborhood

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Easy Lifestyle Tips To Deal With An Unsafe Neighborhood

Are you living in an unsafe neighborhood?

The world is a beautiful place and civilization is a blessing for all of us. Society has developed enough to have a good law and order structure to make you feel safe. Most of the cities in your country would be safe but there are some areas and neighborhoods where the crime rate is higher than the others.

If you live in such a neighborhood you would have to pay more attention to your safety than usual. The constant fear of your safety has a negative impact on your lifestyle. There are some simple and effective ways to deal with this situation that can make things better for you and can help you get back to your regular lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Avoid staying out late

If your area isn’t safe and is prone to criminal activities then the simplest measure you can take is to get back home before it is too late. There are obviously situations when you can’t avoid staying out late. In that case, you should pre-arrange a trusted cab driver to have you dropped back home safely. Having a trusted friend to accompany you back home can also help a lot.

Get a dog

Getting back home safe would not totally ensure your safety. Once you are back home you are vulnerable to burglars breaking into your house. Having a dog can help. A trained dog usually alerts the owner by barking or growling when it senses someone snooping around your place. Thieves and intruders usually keep away from property guarded by dogs. You can also take the dog outside with you on a leash. He can protect you anywhere you go. Trained dogs can take down a man within seconds on your command. They can be lethal and you need to be very responsible while training them to attack.

Security system for your house

It is now very common to have a security system installed in your house. Whether your neighborhood is safe or not, either way, it is always advisable to get an alarm system. These systems are a combination of many elements like cameras, motion sensors, floodlights, alarms, and so on. Mostly these alarm systems are visible to a burglar which will keep them away from your house. If still, they dare to enter, they will trip an alarm and you will be alerted immediately. You might even catch them in the camera and report them later to the authorities.

Armed security

Having armed security around you is enough to make even the bravest criminals stay away from you. A man with a gun walking around with you solely for your protection is quite dominating. The bodyguard not only keeps you safe outside the house but can also keep you safe inside it. You can check out different types of armed security at Smartsecuritypros.com and select what type of security you want. Such security personnel are trained to protect you in almost every situation and are thorough professionals.

Learn self-defense techniques

It’s always a good idea to be able to protect yourself with some martial arts or kickboxing. Learning stuff like judo or karate can be quite helpful when you are faced with hostiles. Getting yourself out of a scuffle would require some practice and skill. There’s no guarantee that you’ll escape without a scratch but your chances of getting away increase by a lot. You can take classes from a professional to learn some self-defense moves.

Carry a self-defense weapon

Sometimes you can land in a situation where you will be on your own and your protection will be in your hands. Mugging is a very common crime in a lot of cities. If you ever face a situation where you are going to be mugged then you should have a weapon to defend yourself with. Tasers, pepper spray and pocket knives are some effective self-defense weapons that a person should always carry with themselves, especially in a bad neighborhood.

Know your neighbors

When you move into a new neighborhood your first step should always be to get familiar with it. You should know the people staying around your house and on your street. Make friends with as many people as you can. Though always be careful while making friends and don’t let the wrong people get close to you. Having trust-worthy neighbors means that they can keep a watchful eye on you and also your house while you are gone.

Keep doors locked

Advice won’t get more basic than this. Keeping your doors locked in an unsafe neighborhood will substantially reduce the chances of your house being a crime scene. Whenever you leave for a stroll or even if you’re just slacking around in the house, make sure your doors are locked at all times. Check your windows too while you’re at it. Make sure the locks that you use aren’t weak and rusted. Your hinges and bolts should be all in good condition. Don’t make it a walk-in-a-park for a thief or intruder.

Use curtains

There’s no need to open up your view of the inside the house to the public or unwanted people. Drawing the curtains will not only help you maintain privacy but will also not give away the layout of your house. A burglar usually snoops around your house before breaking in. He peeps through windows to find the weakest entrance to your house. Drawing your curtains will also make it harder for them to know if you’re home or not and that doubt will keep them from breaking in.

Speed dials

Situations can turn ugly very quickly and you are mostly required to take action very quickly. Getting your phone out and dialing a number can sometimes take too long. There is an option of speed dial on most mobile phones where you simply press a digit and the mobile directly calls the person you had saved on that digit. You should firstly have the nearby police station on your speed dial. Secondly, have a close friend also on speed dial, who you know will come to help immediately. These split-second calls can sometimes mean the difference between life and death for you in a tight situation.

Stay in well-lit places

Most of the bad elements of society become active once it gets dark. Most muggings and kidnappings happen in dark alley-ways and dimly lit streets. Most of the security cameras are not infrared and can not capture details in the dark. Even a bystander won’t be able to see any details of the assailant if he commits a crime in the dark. Hence, avoid dark places and stay on well-lit streets. Take a trusted cab or call a friend in case you’re walking back home alone at night.

Crowded places

Crowded places are much safer than quiet and gloomy ones. It is because of the basic social norm that people will be there to help you if you call out for help. If you are alone in an alley and you face mugging then no one will be able to hear your cries. Even if there are a few bystanders they can at least be a witness to a crime and can help you report the incident and make a strong case against the assailant.

Your protection is always in your hands and following these steps can help you to be prepared to tackle an unsafe neighborhood. Being ready is way better than being late when it comes down to being a victim of a crime.