Promoting Your Business With Social Media

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Today, people running a business can’t afford to not run social media promotions concerning their business. Anyone who is worth anything is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, or has a business blog. I personally have all the above with the exception of LinkedIn. I use all of these social media sites to promote both of my businesses. I can honestly say that I personally couldn’t run either business without each of these social media sites. I have to say that 70% of my clients have come to me through each of these social websites. 

Something I have gathered through personal experience as well research is that you can’t rely on just one of these social media sites. You must connect with as many of them as possible. Using multiple avenues for promotion allows for millions of users to access your business.

Keeping your social networking profiles active is a huge part of keeping prospective clients in a constant flow of information as well as helping to increase your page ranking. The goal is to move your page to the top of the search engine list. Using fake programing to increase your ranks gives false data, so don’t use any of the tools available if you want correct data.

Keeping your profile active means posting links and pictures, as well as updating your status. Make sure while you are updating you don’t sound like the nagging sales person at the door. Instead, interact with your users on a personal basis and throw in a link to your products every now and then. This reminds them that you have something they may want. Remember this is social networking — so be social.

Kayla Schmult is an entrepreuner, owning a business for handcrafted jewelry as well as opening another up for organic hand made beauty products. She has been running her jewelry business for three years now and started from the ground up, turning a fifty dollar bill into five hundred dollars. She knows the importance of social media from running fashion row walk and Organic West. She runs two full-time blogs for each business, as well as blogging here now for Financial Bin. She is also on her way to becomming a freelance blogger due to her desire to share with others what she has learned. She is a stay-at-home mother who takes care of her disabled husband whom she has been married to for four years and together for a year before that. She also homeschools her two children. She manages her time well I guess you can say!