3 Ways To Simplify Your International Shipping

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3 Ways To Simplify Your International Shipping

International shipping may seem stressful, but you can simplify the process. So what does it take to remove avoidable obstacles from your path when moving international cargo? Don’t worry; you can look below right now to find three effective ways to simplify your international shipping. Familiarize yourself with the tips below so that you can start prepping efficient, cost-effective shipments as soon as possible.

Expand Your Opportunities With 3PLs

One of the best ways to make international shipping easier is to hand off the process to a third-party logistics company. Bringing on a new company to assist with shipping may seem intimidating at first, but it’ll expand your shipping opportunities.

For instance, there are various details to consider when determining how much faster air freight is compared to ocean freight. Once you understand the basics of international shipping, you can find a 3PL that can provide you with the resources and knowledge to transport goods reliably. This means you can worry less about shipping and focus more on your company’s big picture.

Learn Each Country’s Restrictions

So does working with a 3PL mean you should stop thinking about your shipping entirely? No, you should still learn details like the restrictions in each country you work with. That way, you can maintain clear communication between you and the 3PL to ensure you properly follow all necessary fees and regulations. Neglecting a country’s restrictions can lead to frustrating delays and fees. Thus, it helps to work with a 3PL that has experience with the countries you ship to regularly.

Introduce Real-Time Tracking

One more helpful way to simplify your international shipping is to implement real-time tracking. Luckily, you can find 3PLs that use modern technology to provide easily accessible tracking information for any shipment.

The benefit of real-time tracking is that you have a more accurate look at the delivery date and why the cargo can’t meet that date if a disruption occurs. For instance, does the tracking show that the cargo is sitting too long when entering the country? Did someone assign the incorrect delivery address to the shipment? Details like these will give you the tools you need to locate any shipment and strategize solutions.