4 Creative Ways to Make Money While Social Distancing

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4 Creative Ways to Make Money While Social Distancing

The world is a completely different place than it was a few weeks ago. Everyone must practice social distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Since so many businesses have closed their doors, for the time being, people across the country are seeking alternative ways to put cash in their pockets. If you’re struggling financially, read about these four creative ways to make money while social distancing.

Make Masks

The CDC has recommended that people wear masks when they go out in public. Also, healthcare workers around the country need masks to protect themselves while treating patients. You can help people in need and make a little extra dough by making masks. This option is perfect for people who are into arts and crafts. Look up cute fabrics online and pick them up through contactless delivery. From there, you’ll need to put your sewing skills to work. It’d be wise to make masks of different sizes so that people have more options to choose from.

Wash People’s Cars

Another creative way to make money while social distancing is to wash people’s cars. People used to bring their rides to a professional car wash when they got too dirty. Now that these establishments have closed, let your neighbors know that you are open for business. Remember to bring your own supplies with you so you don’t come in close contact with anyone. Also, let your customers know that you know what you’re doing. Use safe wash mitts to scrub every vehicle, and fill a bucket with water instead of letting the garden hose run. When you’ve finished, ask the driver to pay you through an online app so that you maintain an appropriate distance from one another.

Online Tutoring

Students have had to change the way they learn because of this crisis. Moreover, parents have now become teachers since schools have shut their doors. Help out both of these populations of people by offering your skills as an online tutor. There are plenty of online platforms that will allow you to only tutor for subjects you’re comfortable with. There’s no need to worry about learning AP Calculus if you don’t already know it. Instead, you can take skills tests to determine where you’ll fit in the best. Parents and students across the country will appreciate you taking the time to help them adapt to this challenging situation.


So many people are tired of being cooped up inside. Yet, the idea of yard work isn’t exactly the escape individuals are looking for right now. Take some stress off of homeowners’ plates by doing a little landscaping. Bring your own equipment if you can, or carry sanitizing products with you if you’re using someone else’s. You can make a pretty penny by trimming some hedges and cutting the grass for people who are busy working from home. It’ll also be an excuse for you to get out of your own house and enjoy some sunshine.