4 Reasons You Should Pursue A Career At Sea

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reasons you should pursue a career at sea

As a kid, did you want to be a pirate? Of course you did — because sailing the seven seas was the greatest job imaginable. Not only were you a captain in your head, but a member of an elite club too. What a career move! Of course, you grew up and realized it wasn’t practical; something about pillaging and stealing is illegal.

So, your dream died, until you recognized that piracy wasn’t the only career that involved being a captain. The navy, the cruise ships, eccentric billionaires – they all provide the opportunity of a lifetime. Here are four reasons to take them up on their offer.

Flexibility & Security

Young people don’t want job security; not in the beginning. Nope, people like you want good wages and flexible shift patterns so you can enjoy being a twenty-something. Working at sea is the perfect lifestyle choice then because you’re essentially on call for days on end as a private boat operator. At a moment’s notice, the owner could ring and say “get the yacht ready” and you’d have to oblige. Still, weeks and months may go by until that happens. During that time, you can do whatever you like and enjoy the benefits of being a captain. In the future, when stability is important, there are lots of jobs in shipping companies for experienced pilots.

Travel Opportunities

Even when the boss calls, it’s not a bad thing. Why? It’s because the odds are high that you’re going to an exotic destination. Plenty of billionaires have islands which they jet off to just to get away from the monotony of life. As the person behind the wheel, they can’t go without you so you get to follow them on their trip. Again, because there’s plenty of downtime, there is a chance to see the sights and take in the location. Not many employees are afforded the same luxury, quite literally!


The idea of being stranded at sea or hit by a tidal wave is frightening. Of course, it rarely happens, especially as boats are full of safety gadgets. Yes, there is an element of danger but that’s part of the fun of being in control. Anyway, your experience and skill should come in handy when the waters get a little choppy. If you do have any personal injury questions, there are lawyers that will be able to shed light on the issue. Plus, a comprehensive insurance policy will cover you in case there are any complications. For the most part, captains are as safe as houses, just on water instead of land.

Something Different

A job isn’t only about the money or the balance between life and work – it’s about originality. Ask anyone why they love their job, and the answers will revolve around specifics to the industry. For example, it’s unpredictable or two days are never the same. A career on the high seas is the same because the role is different and that makes it exciting. The environment itself is enough to make you fall in love at first sight.

So, how do you feel about becoming a captain? Are you for or against a career at sea?