4 Unique Things to Invest In

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Women putting coin into piggy bank

So many people have the wrong idea about their investing money. Investing doesn’t have to be this annoying process centered around stocks and bonds. In fact, there are so many exciting things you can do with your cash that’ll make you more money in the future. Below are four unique things to invest in that’ll add dimension to your investment portfolio.


Investing in farmland is a wise decision. A lot of investors value farmland because it’s a secure resource that provides stable returns. Farmland investments are the exact opposite of real estate investments. The housing market is volatile. One minute, a house could be worth $300,000—the next, it’s depreciated to $175,000. There’s no stability. Luckily, agricultural investments are secure. Since there’s abundant farmland and it produces popular products, it’s always in high demand.

Old Literature

Book lovers, you may be able to make some extra cash from the old books you have sitting in your library. Old literature is such a unique thing to invest in, and the massive returns will surprise you. People will pay thousands of dollars for classic novels that are in mint condition. So, be kind to your older books. Never fold the page over to keep your place. Instead, use a bookmark to avoid creases. Also, avoid leaving marks on the book’s pages. If you want to highlight a favorite passage, buy two copies—one you can mark up and one to sell later. The better the book’s condition, the more cash you’ll get for it down the line.

Fine Wine

Try your best not to drink all the wine you have stored in your wine cellar. You may be able to make a pretty penny off it in the future. Typically, the older the bottle is, the more money it’s worth. However, try your best to do some research before you start building your wine collection. For example, you may find that not a lot of chardonnay was produced in the 1920s. If this was the case and you happen to own a bottle, this means your wine is even more valuable. Don’t just pay attention to the year the wine was made, but the type of wine itself.

Baseball Cards

Calling all sports enthusiasts; your beloved baseball cards may be worth a ton of money. Much like older books, be kind to your baseball cards. Keep them in the packaging, so they never get ripped or stained. Also, try your best to center your collection around well-known players. Sure, everyone in today’s culture may have an Anthony Rizzo baseball card. He’s one of the best players in the game. However, that card will only increase in value as time goes on. If you can, try your best to have your cards signed as well. Your returns will skyrocket.