5 Frugal Destinations for the Traveler on a Shoestring

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Traveling can be very expensive, especially certain destinations, luckily there are a ton of frugal travel destinations worldwide. Destinations where you can really enjoy the food and atmosphere, mingle with the locals, and not break the bank. Many popular tourist destinations overcharge because they can get away with it. Not only that, but some areas have basically become so overcrowded with tourists, it can feel like not traveling at all. Of course, the most expensive cost of most international traveling is the cost of airfare, but once you get there you will certainly enjoy these 5 frugal destinations.

With amazing food, an enjoyable tropical climate, and great beaches, Thailand is an obvious choice. Not only can you enjoy major metropolitan cities, but there are lots of islands to choose from as well. Thailand can be an extremely cheap place to visit, lodging, food and activities are all well below average. With an extensive bus system, it is cheap to get around to visit other regions. A great mixture between large cities, beaches, and mountains with natural beauty.

Their currency the dirham has been devalued, which leaves everything more affordable right now. Morocco has delicious food, a unique landscape, as well as art and history. There are amazing Roman and Islamic sites to see and will certainly be enjoyed by all ages. Not only that, but Morocco has some great beaches to relax at.

Mexico is a very popular tourist destinations among people from the United States and Europe, it is not surprise. Mexico has great weather, amazing food, and some of the friendliest people on earth. Whether you like the beach and party atmosphere or visiting colonial architecture. Mexico even offers tall mountains and large cities if that is more of your interest. For many years this has been a favorite travel destination of many, once you get away from the touristy areas it becomes a very cheap vacation.

Most people probably do not think of going to Ecuador for a vacation, but it certainly is a nice place to be visited on the cheap. It is very easy to find a hotel for around $15, and a delicious meal for a few dollars just about anywhere. The country is very inexpensive and easy to explore, whether you like colonial style architecture or rain-forests. A beautiful destination with natural beauty and a great climate.

Greece has so much history, great food, and of course beautiful beaches. Right now it is cheap to visit because some people are putting off vacations to Greece. This is because they believe they will leave the Euro currency, which will lower prices even more.

There are plenty of amazing vacation destinations around the world that will not break the bank. Many of them are very popular and well known, others are not as often thought about as tourist destinations. Keep in mind airfare is going to be the major cost for any international trip. The nice thing is, once you arrive to your destination, the day to day cost may be the same or less than at home.

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net