5 Things Every Exhibition Stand Should Have

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Things Every Exhibition Stand Should Have

When it comes to hiring space at an exhibition you need to be sure you’re going to get your money worth. As an incredibly expensive marketing tactic to use, doing everything you can to ensure you’re stand is as successful as it can be should be your main priority. To help you succeed at your next event, here are 5 things every exhibition stand should have.

An Incredible Design

One of the best ways to ensure your stand is a success is to make sure you have an incredible design. One of the primary goals of attending an event is to get people to visit your stand and the best way to attract people is to draw them in with the design. Whether it’s a large space with a custom build or an eye-catching display in a small space, you want people to stop and stare as they walk past. Once they do, you can catch their eye and start a conversation. For stand design inspiration, you can visit this site here.

High-Quality Banners And Signage

On top of the incredible design, you also need to ensure you have high-quality banners and signage. In order to present a professional front, you need to show that time and dedication has gone into preparing your stand. Whether that means using banners with a SEG frame or investing in a designer to design the artwork for you, you need to be sure you’re putting as much of your budget as you can behind your set-up.

Good Lighting To Increase Visibility

Although exhibition halls are designed for exhibitions, the amount of rigging and walls that are built to create a divide means that there can be a lot of shadows and dark space. In order to counteract that, you need to ensure you have enough lighting to make your stand visible to those that are walking past. Whilst you can bring this yourself, you can also hire lighting when you book your stand essentials. For more information, you can visit this site here.

Lots Of Space For People To Move Around

Although it can be expensive to purchase a large space at an event, having enough room for people to walk around is essential. If people feel as though they’re in the way of a walkway they are going to feel less encouraged to stick around and chat. Think about how busy you’re planning you’re stand to be and decide how much space you need for both staff and attendees. From there, you can decide the perfect size for your stand.

A Clear Message

Although you may have a lot of messages you want to get across, you may want to consider focusing on just one or two of them when you attend an event. People will be talking to so many different people and visiting so many different stands that often, they won’t be able to take in a lot of the information you give. Keep it clear and simple, making sure to direct them to a place they can find more information if they want to.

Are you exhibiting at an event soon? What are you going to ensure your exhibition stand has? Let me know in the comments section below.