5 Tips For Planning A Move To Another State

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Planning A Move To Another State

If you are planning to move to another state to reunite with family, or perhaps to accept the job offer of a lifetime, then you are no doubt aware that the process of moving will be a little more complex than with an interstate move. However, while out of state moves can have their complexities, they can also be incredibly worthwhile. 

If you are intending to move to another state soon, then here’s a few tips that can help you to plan the process effectively. 

#1 – Visit as often as you can 

If at all possible, visit the state you are moving to as often as possible. Initially, these visits should focus on looking for homes for sale or rent, but even when you have secured a property, it’s worth returning if you can. Visiting frequently gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the area you will be living in, as well as providing the opportunity to research healthcare providers and similar services that you will need after you move. 

#2 – Research your new state 

While all 50 states are united under the banner of the US, the experience of living in each state is slightly different. From laws to sales tax rates, the differences can be significant, so spend a little time researching all the differences you’ll experience so you know exactly what to expect.

#3 – Make plans to update your driver’s licence as soon as possible

Most states require new residents to update for a new driver’s licence within 30 days of moving, though this can be shorter, so it’s always worth checking on a state-by-state basis. However long you have, it’s best to prioritize this task as soon as you arrive, so there’s no risk of running out of time. To make this easier, find out what documents you need and where you will need to go in order to process the update, and keep a space in your post-move schedule free for this task. 

#4 – Hire a removal company that specializes in out of state moves

While you can just ask a local company to help with your move to another state, opting for a specialist firm with a solid track record of conducting moves between states is usually preferable. Out of state moves often require greater planning and logistics capabilities, so choosing an experienced company should ensure that the process goes smoothly. 

#5 – Use the opportunity for a full clear out

Decluttering prior to a move is always beneficial, but this is all the more important when moving out of state – the more you have to transport, the more challenging the process will become. It’s therefore worth examining every item in your existing home and analyzing which items you really need to take. Often, the extra distance involved in out of state moves can clarify the mind in this regard, as items you might have considered moving a few miles suddenly seem unnecessary when faced with a hundred- or even a thousand mile move – so embrace this, get rid of anything you don’t need, and enjoy a simpler move as a result. 

In conclusion

With the above planning in place, moving to another state may well be no more challenging than any other kind of move.