5 Trends in Retail Technology for Your New Business

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5 Trends in Retail Technology for Your New Business

As the retail industry goes more digital, keeping track of technological trends is important. Here are the top trends in retail technology for your new business. Keep track of the latest in the retail world.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Managing data is a big part of the retail industry. Hybrid cloud services can bring together your computer systems and safely store your data. There are many benefits of hybrid cloud services in the retail industry, so update your system to the cloud and keep your data safe.

QR Codes

QR codes have been around for a while, but Apple’s recent updates to iOS make them easy to scan in the camera feature of the phone. This new ease of use has made QR codes relevant again and even more valuable for users. Scanning QR codes in stores can take customers to product pages if the item is sold out in the size or color they need. Integrating QR codes will make the shopping experience better for your customers.

Manufacturing On Demand

Manufacturing on demand has gained popularity among smaller retailers who can’t afford the loss on products that don’t sell. Furthermore, for customers who are interested in green and sustainable practices, on-demand manufacturing is a valuable option. Manufacturing on demand can cut costs and create less waste.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has proven to be a valuable tool in retail shopping, and it’s one of the biggest trends in retail technology for your new business. Augmented reality can enable website features such as virtual fitting rooms, in-store navigation, and even planogram assistance for retail workers. Augmented reality is proving to be the future of retail in a variety of ways.

Artificial Intelligence

As the abilities of computers grow, artificial intelligence (AI) is also looking like the future of the retail industry. Retailers will look to shift tasks such as inventory management to AI in the future. AI will soon be able to analyze customers and predict their shopping behaviors and the products in which they’ll be most interested. Artificial intelligence will truly revolutionize the way we do business in retail and many other industries.