7 Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Car Accident

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7 Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Car Accident

Getting involved in an auto accident is unfortunate, more so if you suffer from grave injuries. Not only do they leave you incapacitated but also cause a risk to your employment and regular earning. Fortunately, you can claim compensation under personal injury law and get your finances back on track. The right approach to getting the claim is by hiring a legal professional who specializes in personal injury law. When you look for legal assistance, do find someone with the right skills and experience. Here are some questions that you should ask from a personal injury lawyer whom you want to hire your car accident claim.

Q1: Do you have experience in personal injury law?

Since personal injury law is a specialized legal stream, you would want to engage someone with relevant experience. After all, a divorce lawyer would not be able to understand the nitty-gritty of personal injury cases, all because of sheer lack of experience. Therefore, the first question that you should ask them should be about their experience in this legal niche and the number of cases successfully handled.

Q2. Have you handled many cases similar to mine?

Every car accident is different and the claim of the victim has to be handled differently. Before onboarding, the lawyer, make sure that you explain the accident and its implications in detail. Ask them if they have handled a case that is similar to yours because this would definitely give them a winning advantage and a better understanding of what your case is all about.

Q3: What are my chances of successfully getting the claim?

The sole objective of hiring a legal professional after a car accident would be to get your compensation, that too an optimal amount. Clearly ask them about your chances of successfully getting the claim because the answer would clarify whether they are genuinely interested in helping you or are just taking you for a ride. Ideally, they should give you the right advice to maximize your chances. In case of an auto accident, Jeffrey Preszler from PreszlerLaw.com says that damages totaling $1000 or more must mandatorily be reported to the police. A good lawyer will ask you to do it immediately if you have not already reported.

Q4: Have you taken any car accident cases to the court?

Typically, the parties involved look to settle the compensation claims out of court. However, this is not the case every time because you may need to move to the court if there is a dispute that does not come to resolution amicably. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that the personal injury lawyer you choose has experience with court trials as well. Do check out their track record in terms of courtroom success.

Q5: Who will be handling my case?

A critical question that you need to ask your prospective personal injury should be about the professional who will be responsible for handling your case. This is all the more important if you are considering a law firm because they have multiple lawyers with diverse qualifications and experiences. Do make sure that your case is assigned to someone who is qualified and experienced enough because getting an amateur on board will do more harm than good.

Q6: How and when can I communicate with you during the case?

Availability and communication are crucial for a trustworthy relationship between you and your lawyer because you need to have someone who can be there when you need them. Verify their methodology and mode of communication as well. Someone who shows commitment for being available any time is a good choice because it makes you stress-free. Also, ask about the expected timeline of the case because the sooner you get compensation, the better it would be, considering the physical and financial hardships after the accident.

Q7: How do you charge for your services?

Before hiring a lawyer to handle your compensation claim, you need to understand their fee structure and how they charge. Typically, these lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. As implied by the name, a contingency fee means that the clients will be charged only when they get their claim. This fee arrangement is ideal for accident victims who may already be going through physical trauma and financial crisis. Since the contingent fee is usually a percentage of the claim, it is a motivating factor for the lawyers to secure the maximum compensation.

Asking these questions from the lawyer will give you a fair idea about their competence. You can clearly decide whether you can place your trust in the professional for handling a matter that determines your financial condition in the long run.