8 Reasons to Hire a Professional High-Voltage Insulator Cleaning Service

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High-Voltage Insulator Cleaning Service

While some power companies continue to rely on reactive equipment maintenance—that is, fix problems as they arise—this approach increases operational costs, puts vital business assets at risk and causes economic losses to all parties from avoidable system failures.

Here are eight good reasons you should consider taking the preventive route and hire a reliable electrical systems maintenance service for the ongoing upkeep of your insulators and other key distribution equipment.

Eliminate Contamination

Periodic cleaning of high-voltage outdoor insulators is extremely important to eliminate contamination and prolong the life of this crucial component. Regular maintenance ensures electrical reliability and helps public and private businesses grow and thrive.

Minimize Transmission Trips

Contamination from grease, pollution, and other environmental factors has a tremendous effect on the ability of your insulators to work optimally, which jeopardizes an insulator’s very task—to protect electrical equipment from damage. Professional cleaning of high-voltage insulators helps minimize transmission trips and also controls component damage.

Stay Safe

While you can always have your in-house technician clean the insulators, it takes a well-trained, certified and specialist technician to do a safe, proper and thorough job that will avoid accidents and equipment damage.

Reduce Risk

Bill Johnson from Utility Service & Maintenance, Inc. explains that high pressure air is used to blow away any dust when cleaning high voltage insulators. A dry abrasive cleaning product, high-pressure water or a cleaning paste may be used to eliminate tough contaminants such as cement dust, salt deposits, and insulator grease. Professional cleaning with a combination of different products keeps the insulator in top shape and reduces the risk of flash-overs.

Prevent Outages

As an electrical supply system is crucial to modern-day life, it becomes even more important to inspect it regularly for contaminate deposits and have them cleared by an experienced crew. Preventive maintenance of electrical equipment has multipronged effects for utility companies, their employees and their customers. It saves millions of dollars each year by preventing costly system failures and outages.

Be Proactive

When you work with a trusted utility maintenance service, you’re essentially adopting a proactive approach that aims at strengthening your energy distribution system and reducing your operational costs by minimizing the risk of breakdowns. A professional electrical distribution equipment maintenance company achieves this through ongoing inspections, periodic cleaning, and timely repair/replacement of faulty components.

Money & Time Savings

Entrusting high-voltage insulator washing to a seasoned crew helps businesses save time and money as trained applicators know which and how much product to use based on the condition of your insulators. Experienced service personnel also know how to properly inspect the components for potential damage or fatigue which could escalate into a major issue if ignored.

Long-Term Benefits

Last but not least, your facilities will only attract business if you can provide consistent, efficient and hassle-free energy supply. This is possible only if your insulators and other components are in peak condition throughout the year, which can be achieved with a systematic maintenance plan. Clean and well-maintained insulators will bring long-term benefits for your energy distribution business.