Best Communication Devices To Use in the Workplace

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Best Communication Devices To Use in the Workplace

When you want to start a business, the most important concept that most business owners forget is effective communication. A business without excellent communication skills in management or employees is doomed to fail. Knowing the best communication devices to use in the workplace is a priority when you want to become better at communications in the business.

Computer Communication

As many businesses switch to remote work, the computer has become a staple in company communication. Communicating with your employees has never been easier than sending a quick message on a collaboration platform—which is a professional instant messaging program like Teams or Skype. These professional messaging programs offer an easier solution than e-mail with the added benefit of near-instant replies. Additionally, the abilities to use webcam video and share screens are essential benefits to any business.

In addition to collaboration platforms, there are also computer apps that can give your employees a phone number and allow for secure phone calls over the computer. Phone calls on the computer are more stable and rely on the internet instead of a sometimes-flimsy cellphone signal.

Smartphone Apps

As a business owner, it may seem risky to let your employees use their phones for work since they could get easily distracted. However, it’s best to think of the handy smartphone as an extension of the computer. There are many apps that can be downloaded and used for team collaboration, such as Slack. Many computer collaboration apps also have mobile versions, so your employees can communicate with each other even on cellphone data. Smartphones can be reliable in a pinch and texting is useful—just be wary of employee distraction.

Two-Way Radios for Large Workplaces

If your employees aren’t sitting at their computers all day and are, instead, working far away from each other—like at a grocery store, school campus, or warehouse—then a two-way radio is your best option. Two-way radios, also known as walkie talkies, provide instant communication among all your workers at once. A two-way radio is a secure way for employees to talk to each other. While cellphones have their uses, a two-way radio will hold up better in industrious or fast-paced environments and will be one of the best communication devices to use in the workplace.