Best Events To Host at Your Brewery Business

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Best Events To Host at Your Brewery Business

Increase foot traffic, brand recognition, and sales by hosting unique events at your brewery. Set your craft beer apart from the competition by connecting with your community. Consider the best events to host at your brewery business.

Brewery Tours

What better way to show what your business is all about than offering tours of your brewery? An engaging and knowledgeable guide gives visitors the best behind-the-scenes insight into the processes, equipment, and people making your delicious beers.

Keeping your brewery clean is a must on any day, but pay special attention to the details before the tour to give the best impression. Have the tour guide share special info about the industry, your business’s history, and daily tasks. Finally, of course, let visitors enjoy beverage samples.

Live Entertainment

Many of the best events you can host at your brewery business include live entertainment, like musicians, comedians, and other performers, to provide a fun experience for patrons.

Local performers and special guests can take the stage during the week to entice crowds on slow business days. Use live entertainment on weekends to make your brewery a popular stop for people out on the town.

Seasonal Celebrations

Special occasions are causes for celebration. Why not host at your brewery? No matter the time of year, holidays give you the chance to welcome revelry in your business.

When people think of holidays associated with beer, St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest come to mind. It’s easy to promote these celebrations at your brewery, so take advantage of the festivities.

Get creative and celebrate other holidays, too. Offer limited-time beer options and festoon your brewery with seasonal decorations to elevate the festive mood.

Open Community Venue

One of the easiest ways to host events at your brewery is to provide a venue space that you leave open for the community. It encourages people to take advantage of your space and libations, and you won’t have to do much setting up.

Consider promoting your space for corporate events, fundraisers, wedding events, and private gatherings. These events make your beer part of special experiences for your customers.