Breaking Down The Trailer Types For Transporting Your Vehicle

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Trailer Types For Transporting Your Vehicle

There could be a plethora of reasons why you may think of hiring a vehicle transport or a towing company. And amongst the several, moving to an all-new state or city sounds most convincing.

You might be thinking of driving up your car to the new place, but here’s the thing- you’ll be exhausted, and would have spent a lot of money doing so. A smarter way might be to choose a transporting company. Jake Fuller from says that when moving to a new state, many people opt to have one or more of their cars towed to their new home. And the main reason people do so is to save hassle and money.

An important question while hiring a transport company is the selection of the type of trailer.

Well, this article breaks down the types of trailers to help you decide the one that suits your needs and pocket. Read on to learn more.

The Types of Trailers

Primarily, there are two types of carriers- open and enclosed carriers. However, depending upon the need and preference of the customers these can further be divided into subcategories.

Most importantly, the acute difference between both the carriers is the level of protection they offer against weatherly and environmental damages. And likewise, there’s a considerable difference between the cost of hiring these carriers.

Single-Level Trailers

The first in the list is a single level trailer. As the name implies these trailers have only a single tray for loading and unloading of the vehicles. Now, a single-level trailer is common to both, enclosed and open types of transport trucks. Depending upon the number of vehicles along the route and your preference, the transport company offers you the choice between both.

Dedicated Transport

Now, it might be the case, when you wish to have a dedicated vehicle, especially if you are transporting a million-dollar car. You would neither wish your car to be damaged en-route nor would you be willing to let it travel unnecessarily on the trailer along the way. But, of course, a dedicated transport service is costlier than a shared one.

Multi-Car Transport

As evident, multi-car transport is suitable when you wish to have more than one car shipped from one location to another. Or it might be the case when you wish the transit to be economical.

Multi-Level Trailers

Unlike a single-level trailer, a multi-level one cannot be hired to transport a single-vehicle. As the name suggests, these trailers are capable of carrying more than one car, on different levels. There are usually two levels and each level can accommodate up to four cars. However, the number of vehicles also depends on size and type.

Specialized Trailers

Lastly, there are special trailers for transporting specialized vehicles. For instance, if you need your boat to be transported then a normal trailer might not suit your needs. Similarly, if you need to transport a heavy-duty vehicle such as a crane or a lift from one location to another, you may need to consult your transport and ask for a specialized vehicle.

To sum it up, the type of vehicle you need to transport and the care you expect from the transport company will decide the expenses you’ll bear. Notably, these expenses will be in addition to the cost of fuel and tolls on the way. So, when you’re about to hire a car transport company ask them the type of transport carrier they’ll be using and how much you’ll have to pay. After all, an informed decision is always better than a hasty one.