Business Guide: Tips for Opening a Pop-Up Shop

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Business Guide: Tips for Opening a Pop-Up Shop

One of the latest trends in small business and brick-and-mortar stores is the temporary pop-up shop. A pop-up shop is ideal for businesses that want to test the waters of a new market or put on a fun event for loyal customers. Read through these tips for opening a pop-up shop if you’re interested in this trend.

Set Goals for Your Shop

Consider why you want to open a pop-up shop. Are you trying to branch out into a new market, help sell out your stock of products, or enhance your brand’s social media engagement? Before you make a single plan for your new pop-up shop, you should sit down and develop a list of tangible and realistic goals.

Once you know the primary reasons for your pop-up shop, every decision becomes easier, as you can ask yourself which option will help you achieve your goals.

Pick the Right Location

As they say, three things that matter when establishing a business are location, location, and location. The temporary benefit of a pop-up shop is that it allows you to get creative and think outside the box with your store’s new location and physical structure. Common pop-up shop locations include vacant storefronts, shopping mall spaces, and mobile vans and trucks.

Shipping containers are also a trendy choice for pop-up shops since they’re spacious, reliable, and easy to transport! It’s just one of the many ways your business can use a shipping container.

Generate Buzz Leading Up to the Day

A pop-up shop owner’s worst nightmare is opening for one day and having no one show up because they didn’t know you were there. Word-of-mouth is crucial for a pop-up shop’s success, but you’ll also have to generate some buzz beforehand to attract a crowd.

Social media is critical for many pop-up shops. Many pop-ups generate enthusiasm online with graphics, videos, and discounts for online users that make them come to the shop. Give your pop-up a hashtag to allow users to contribute and make themselves feel like they’re part of the special event!

Make It a Memorable Customer Experience

The end goal is to make money and grow your customer base, but some people also think it’s better to view a successful pop-up as a special event for your customers rather than thinking of it as a new business. View the pop-up as a second grand opening for your business!

Consider bringing in food, music, and activities for your customers to try; these offers will make them stay longer and encourage them to invite others to join in the festivities. Build your social engagement by hosting raffles and giveaways for customers who post on social media with your hashtag!

A pop-up shop can be a boon to business, whether you’re strictly an online retailer that wants to become a physical store for a day or two, or you’ve been around for years but want to branch out into new communities. Following these tips for opening a pop-up shop will ensure your event is a success!