4 Business Startup Expenses You Really Shouldn’t Skimp On

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business startup expenses you really shouldnt skimp on

Starting a business can be an expensive time for a new entrepreneur. The costs up front of specific businesses may be low, but there are still a lot of things that you have to consider. You may well be bootstrapping for the first year or so, ensuring that you are spending the bare minimum to scrape into the success that you want to be. But that doesn’t mean that you should be skimping on every expense out there. 

There are a lot of places that businesses trim the fat, but there will come a time where your investment into certain business services really will pay off – you just won’t know it until it hits you in the face. Entrepreneurs who have a great business concept are time rich and cash poor. Unless you have a business angel injecting your company pockets with a huge amount of cash to spend, you are going to be short. You have no income or pay check to handle until you start turning a profit, and yet you are going to have costs to manage.

For every shortcut that you can take as an entrepreneur, there are more things that you should never look at cutting out. Knowing where you cannot cut the fat is important, and we’ve got some examples for you below.


Being in the technology industry, a patent for your product or service is going to serve you well. If you cut that corner and skimp on that, there’s a chance that someone else could swipe your idea and you can do nothing about it: you didn’t patent it! Investing money into a patent attorney can help you out here, as you need to be very careful about a patent application. Even a missing keyword can make all the difference.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are going to be the bread and butter of your business. If they are interested in what you are selling, they will buy it and they will talk you up to their friends and colleagues. Your business could be relying on the word of the customer to get you to success, so you should never skimp on anything relating to their satisfaction.


Businesses are consistently the targets of wannabe criminals, and investing cash into companies like WesTec Services can mean the difference between being the victim of a crime, and having the best video access monitors for your offices. Work out where you can have the best business security, and you won’t be disappointed in your spending.


Your staff are going to ensure your company reaches the goals that you set out for it early on. If you don’t spend the money on hiring and training the right staff, you could see a dramatic difference in your profits.

These are the things that are going to be imperative to the core of your business operations. If you don’t pump enough cash into them, they’re going to fail, and it will have been avoidable.