Business Website Design Made Simple

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Business Website Design Made Simple

Designing a business website is a necessary step for all modern organizations, large or small. No matter the industry with which you work, the internet is a part of nearly every aspect of business. Your organization’s website is the digital representation of your establishment.

It is important that your online presentation of your operation is just as compelling as the front display window in a retail store. Though there’s plenty to learn regarding web design, there are a few basic concepts that are a staple of a great foundation. Take a few moments to read a brief summary, highlighting the most elemental aspects of a great business website design. Consider how you might enhance your own setup, and draw more eyes to your website.

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Utilize SEO concepts

Search engine optimization is the key to understanding how Google’s search engine chooses the top results each time a web user searches a set of terms. You should weave the concepts of SEO into every piece of content you create online. Check out this excellent resource for educating novice designers on the power of search engine optimization.  

Ease of navigation

Web users should instantly understand how to navigate the information on your website. The easiest way to incorporate simple movement in your design is to work a stationary navigation bar into the layout. Check out how this example site used stationary navigation to make it easy to move around the content of their pages. Though stationary navigation isn’t the only way to add movement to your design, creativity can get complicated.  

Communication is important

Your design should support your organization’s undying endeavor to gather information from your target community of web users. Communication is the facilitator of growth. Set up a useful “Contact Us” page on your business website, but add other pleas for communication throughout your design as well.  Learn how to properly utilize the sway of a well-crafted “call to action,” and gather valuable input from web users.

High quality media

Use only high quality pictures and videos on your business website. Pixelated images and slow-loading videos will only frustrate viewers. There’s no room for sloppy media selections on a successful business website. High quality media not only looks better, but it helps your business website’s rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Ranking higher in the SERPs means that more eyes will be presented with the opportunity to check out your website.

Social media sharing buttons

Those tiny, colorful sharing buttons we all know and love make quite a noticeable difference in the effectiveness of your digital visibility. Add social media sharing buttons in pivotal positions throughout your website’s design to effectively tie your business content to the vast outlet of social media.