Can You Name Five Sports Superstars Sponsored By Nike?

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Sports Superstars Sponsored By Nike

Nike has built its brand by using an impressive array of international sports superstars to promote its products and sportswear. This sportswear company is one of the most prevalent sponsors in the sport today and has a star-studded list of clients.

Did you know that Nike actually sponsors athletes in over 15 different sports disciplines?

Sponsored athletes hail from sports including American football, soccer, basketball, boxing, cricket, golf, handball, gymnastics, tennis, and rugby union. We have listed some of Nike’s most prominent and popular sponsored sportsmen, sportswomen and teams below:

– Lebron James (NBA Basketball)
– The whole of the WNBA
– Indian international cricket team
– Neymar (PSG Football Club)
– Tiger Woods (PGA Golf)
– Serena Williams (WTA Tennis)
– Simone Biles (Gymnastics)

This is just a small list but you can see that Nike employs numerous stars to promote its products and doesn’t rely only on vouchers and discounts. These sponsor deals are worth huge sums of money too. For example, in 2017 alone Cristiano Ronaldo’s sponsorship deal generated $500 million in value for the company and Lebron James lifetime deal is worth $1 billion!

Possibly one of the most profitable and well-known sponsor deals that Nike coined (and continues to generate revenue from) is with the basketball legend Michael Jordan. The six-time NBA champion and hall-of-fame signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with Nike in 1984, and since then has helped the company generate billions of dollars in revenue and even created the famous Air Jordan line of sneakers.

The trademark Air Jordan logo has become just as iconic as the Nike tick itself, and this brand of the sneaker is hugely popular as sportswear and as a fashion item.

In terms of sponsorship, Nike certainly has played its cards right – what other sportswear company can boast such a legendary cast full of past and present sporting heroes and heroines? The infographic below shows the success story of Nike in greater detail and provides some interesting and insightful facts about this sports apparel giant:


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