COVID-19 & Tourism Marketing- Survival Tactics You Can Trust

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The pandemic has disrupted the global travel industry beyond imagination. Additionally, it is clear that the road to recovery will be a long one. There is widespread apprehension for businesses in this domain, yet also a hope that things will be on track sooner or later. Tourism businesses need to stay resilient today and simultaneously plan for a future rebound. While you cannot expect bookings to flow in, as usual, there is a need to continue with your marketing efforts. The idea is to remain visible throughout the pandemic while focusing on engagement as well. But tourism marketing at present is nothing like it normally is. You will need to rethink and realign your tactics to make sure that they work yet fit in the current budget. Here are the ones you can trust.


Contextualize your messaging

For any business, messaging is the mainstay of the COVID-19 marketing plan. Right now, there is a need to contextualize your messaging by focusing it on connections with the customers rather than sales. As you cannot expect them to book holidays today, consider changing your brand’s tone and marketing messages. Create one that empathizes with customers’ needs as it will humanize your brand and foster deeper emotional connections with them in the current context.

Reach out through the right channels

If you want to keep marketing for your tourism company on track, reach out to your customers through the right channels. Digital marketing is the one you should prioritize in the pandemic world because customers are more likely to search providers on the internet rather than elsewhere. There couldn’t be a better time to create or revamp your website, work on social media promotions, and invest in the online reviews. While promoting on the internet will surely get you in touch with the audience, the tactic is cost-effective as well.

Promote experiences

Another great idea to fine-tune your tourism marketing plan in the COVID crisis is by promoting experiences rather than products and packages. It is a good idea to try outside-the-box-ideas like aerial videography to cover the destinations on offer ahead. Similarly, you can entice potential customers with virtual tours that let them experience the destination from home. Ultimately, you have to drive bookings- now or a few months ahead don’t matter and experiences will help.

Turn insights into action

Right now, your customers will be craving information and advice on the best ways to navigate ahead in uncertain times. This is all the more important for travelers who would want to plan their future trips amid safety concerns. The best way to engage with them is by turning insights into quick action and giving them the information they need in real-time. 

makes sense to be one step of their expectations and give answers to their questions even before they ask them. The approach not only drives engagement but also wins the consumer trust and credibility for your brand.

Apart from following these tactics, it is important to bring agility to your approach. Keep an eye on the market, competition, and customer expectations and be ready to fine-tune your marketing plan as they all evolve.