Why Multitask When You Can Create A Winning Team?

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create a winning team

For all the celebration that surrounds a person’s ability to multitask, juggling tasks have been proven to reduce your productivity by 40%. Yes, you could look at that and think, “I’m not going to crack on with the dishes until I have finished vacuuming the carpets,” or you could look at that and think, “Crikey, I better start hiring some people for my startup.”

That’s right. If you are serious about becoming a successful business leader hen you need to do away with all that chit-chat about bootstrapping and wearing different hats, and become a dab hand at recruiting because your startup company needs more hand on deck and your ideas deserves them.

It doesn’t matter if you outsource them, hire them on a task by task basis or give them a benefit-laden contract to sign, here are the people that can have the biggest positive influence on a startup, and the people you should be adding to your team.

The Loud Genius

Look, we get it, no one likes to be bossed around, and certainly not by a know-it-all, but every team needs that one person who has the experience of getting a startup off the ground. It’s a long, tough and arduous battle, and that is why you need someone – probably an intern – who isn’t afraid to ask questions, challenge the team and keep the ship on the right path. The trick is to find a loud genius that is also good with people.

The Unsung Hero

This is a person who makes no fuss about doing tasks; they just get on and do them. They don’t wait to be told, they don’t look for recognition, they have reservations about this or that; they just get on with the nitty-gritty. Ordering supplies, speaking to third-parties, keeping the office running smoothly and, yes, even making sure spirits stay high.

The Nerdster

We live in an increasingly tech-obsessed world and the reason it is tech-obsessed is simple: tech has been designed to make our lives easier. However, to really utilize it, you need to have an expert in the field. It could be an IT consultancy service like Qoverage or it could be a front and back end developer that knows how to code or it could just be someone that worked for PC World once upon a time and knows what the best of the best is. So long as you have a go-to person, you’ll be fine.

Someone Who Can Sell Anything

It doesn’t matter how good a product is, if you don’t have someone that can sell it, and sell it in vast quantities, then you are going to find yourself treading water and running toward a whole bunch of risk. Ice to Eskimos – that’s the aim here. In a competitive industry where heels are constantly being snapped at, having someone with sales experience is so important. Image, contacts, networking, tenaciousness, reputation, revenue – it is all important and all stems from the seller.

Arm yourself with these four team members and your chances are drastically upped.