Curb Appeal, Ambiance, and Permission: Best Practices for Business Success

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You can read advice about best practices for business success all day every day for years. Depending on what your particular industry is and under what context you are operating, some of these practices may be more or less fitting to your situation. But regardless, you have to figure out some way to navigate a competitive landscape while also maintaining your product or service integrity.

To work your way through and around that fine line, you can look to the ideas of curb appeal, ambiance, and permission. All three of those things are general enough that improvements in them are improvements in your business, but also, all of them can be specific enough just to help your case.

Creating Ambiance

If you own the store, everything about that store has to point toward selling your brand and your product. And that is where the ambiance comes into play. For some places, the ambiance is going to be all about the interior. In other areas, it’s outside of the building that is more important, for example, places that could be helped by installing an outdoor fire setup. Every part of your brand has some sort of ambiance associated with it. You can either create that for yourself, or people will create it on their own outside of your control.

Working On Curb Appeal

Homes need good curb appeal, especially when they are going up for sale. This same viewpoint can be associated with businesses. In other words, your store should have a great curb appeal no matter what you’re selling. For companies, curb appeal will often start with the parking lot and then move inward. You need to make sure the exterior of the building looks fantastic, and then from there, the experience has to continue improving concerning aesthetics.

Using Permission Marketing

Another excellent practice to use to help your business succeed is to employ permission marketing. With so much spam and so much over-the-top advertising these days, it can be impossible to grab anyone’s attention because promoters are continually scrambling to get people to be reactionary instead of logical. With permission marketing, every person that you send a message to ask for it in the first place. This is a tremendous amount of power if you can have a list of these interested individuals.

Bringing It All Together

When you bring the ideas of ambiance, curb appeal, and permission marketing together, you have a potent method for getting your brand identity across, and that in turn will work for short and long-term gains. If any one of those pieces is missing, one of your competitors who does figure out a way to integrate them more completely will have the benefit of additional market share.