4 Different Ways Of Living You Should Consider Now

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different ways of living you should consider

If you’re considering the idea of moving home, then you’re probably thinking about getting a mortgage and moving into another similar house or apartment that you currently live in. It’s the typical go-to choice, but you can get a lot more adventurous if you’re willing to do a bit of research and experiment.

Of course, it’s a home we’re talking about and it can be rather daunting to invest in something that you might not enjoy,  so here are a couple of unique ways to move home that you may have overlooked or just haven’t put enough attention into.

Moving to the Countryside

When investing in real estate, be it a second home, retirement home or even a holiday home, it’s important to get away from what you’re used to. For most people, the countryside is unchartered territory.

The amenities that they’re used to don’t exist, they’re surrounded by nature and it’s a completely different lifestyle that you might not be accustomed to. There are also financial reasons to move to the country. In short, if you’re looking for an alternative to living in the city and want to get away from what you’re used to, then the countryside is a great choice.

Building a Log Home

Log homes are incredibly popular because they’re sturdy, offer you plenty of warmth and they’re friendly to the environment. The price of a log home doesn’t differ much from what you could expect a regular home to cost, and they look absolutely stunning in countryside environments.

You can surround yourself with nature and blend in with a log home instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, and it’s a lifestyle that is perfect for anyone that admires nature.

Prefab Housing Options

Want a cheaper housing option? Then consider prefab homes that can be assembled and raised in just a few days. For many people, prefabs homes are the future. You can customize them on a website, pick your decor and the furniture that goes with it, and you’ll have everything delivered and setup within a week.

It’s comparable to ordering fast food, except you’re getting a personalized home instead of food. It’s much cheaper as well because all of the parts are pre-fabricated, and you can place the homes anywhere that you want (assuming you own the land!).

Living on a Boat

If you want something a bit more adventurous, then why not try living on a boat? This is, of course, limited to certain locations, but there’s nothing quite like living out on the sea, in a lake or even a river that is large enough.

The constant rocking motions might get troublesome for some people, but if you’re able to sail around then it can be a liberating and exciting experience. It’s definitely an accommodation choice for adventurous types and since you’re constantly on the move, it teaches you to be more minimalistic with your belongings.

There are plenty of other alternatives to consider if you’re moving home, but we believe that these four are the most exciting and unique ways to get a new home.