Does The Employer Always Have More Power Than The Employee?

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Does The Employer Always Have More Power Than The Employee

You might think that’s an odd question.

After all, you’re the one running the business. Of course, the employer always has more power.

You’re the one that gets the massive paycheck at the end of each month.

You’re the one who has their name on the door.

Still, there is an argument to be made which says employees are holding all the cards in your business.

Here’s what we mean and how this revelation could impact your company.

They’re Speaking To Your Customers

Every day, your employees are the ones on the floor handling and managing customers and clients. You should know the risk here.

This is why employers often vet candidates so carefully to make sure they have the right look and perhaps, more importantly, the right attitude. Customers can tell when they’re not really being listened to or taken care of and it can be the difference in a secure sale.

Now, there are lots of ways to handle this issue. For instance, in sales, you can pay employees by the commission. This means that they will only get a solid level of pay if they provide the ultimate level of customer care and secure that sale.

Arguably though the best way is to keep them happy and make sure they feel like more than just another cog in the office machine. They have to feel connected to your business. They have to want it to succeed as much as you do.

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They’re Holding You Accountable

Employees are wiser and more aware these days. They know where your rights end and your responsibilities begin. They know that you can’t push them to work hundred-hour weeks without there being serious consequences somewhere down the line.

So, if you are running this type of business model, it’s time for your business ethics and management to change. Just ask a employment attorney and you’ll find out that not taking care of employees is costing business owners thousands every year.

You need to snap back and get to the point where you are taking your responsibilities as a business owner seriously. This means everything from ensuring that there’s no sign of bullying in the office to providing big benefits to all your employees.

If you cut corners, eventually public scrutiny will catch up with you.

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They’re The Future

You probably believe that if an employee isn’t supplying the quality you want, you can just fire and rehire. Careful though because this type of change can actually cost you a fortune in both actual capital and time.

You have to send out ads, you have to interview new candidates, you have to take them through tests, you have to get through documents and forms. All the while, they could drop out the process at any moment.

Instead, then, you need to work on improving and evolving the employees you have. Particularly, if you want your business to remain cost-effective. You should be running a model with a plan to keep your employees for years, not months and certainly not weeks.

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So, Does The Employer Always Have More Power Than The Employee?

We hope you see now that employees do have a lot of the power.

If you’re not careful, they could easily use that power against you.

You could lose thousands in lawsuits, unmeasurable amounts in rehires, and suffer great losses in failed sales.

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