Dr. Joe Martin Appears On Dad Devotionals Podcast—To Get Real With Christian Men

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Dr. Joe Martin on Dad Devotionals

Are you living an authentic life as a man of faith? Dr. Joe Martin, host of Real Men Connect, sets us straight on Dad Devotionals with Dave Domzalski.

GETTYSBURG, PA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dad Devotionals (https://www.DadDevotionals.com), a podcast for Christian fathers and husbands, has released a new episode with Christian author and speaker Dr. Joe Martin. The Real Men Connect host discussed how men can live a more authentic life in Christ and achieve their true purpose.

You can listen to the episode at https://DadDevotionals.com/podcast/64/. Dr. Joe tells men how they can step up and show up better for God, their families, their colleagues, and themselves. His straight talk is wrapped in Biblical truth that all of us need to hear.

Dave Domzalski, host of Dad Devotionals, says, ”I launched this podcast to help men become better versions of themselves through Christ. Having someone of Dr. Joe’s caliber on the show is something I plan to do more of. He was an excellent guest and I consider this episode a ‘must listen.’ He offered us all plenty of value.”

Fans of the podcast can contact Dave via email to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

Listen to the show wherever you get your podcasts – including Apple and Spotify – at https://DadDevotionals.com/listen.

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Dad Devotionals is a podcast for Christian fathers and husbands who want advice to win the race to Christ. Hosted by Dave Domzalski, we discuss how to be the men God called us to be and how to be role models for our children. As Christian men, we are called to be leaders in the home and we talk about the best ways we can support our wives and children. Topics include raising kids in the Christian faith, fulfilling your duty as a father, and how to be the priests of our little home churches. Past guests include: Father Barnabas Powell, Dr. Phillip Mamalakis, Abbott Tryphon and Deacon Sean Reid with more Christian faithful to come. Learn more at https://DadDevotionals.com/about/.

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