Easy Home Updates To Make Before You Sell

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Easy Home Updates To Make Before You Sell

With the real estate market showing signs of exponential growth and demand, many owners are looking to sell. Before they do, they might be curious about what quick and easy home updates they can do to attract the right buyer at the right price. Here’s a list of some great starting points to get your house buyer ready!

A Kitchen Facelift

One of the most significant draws to a new buy is the kitchen’s appeal. Updating the paint, hardware, appliances, and layout can immediately turn a buyer into an owner. Additionally, an updated kitchen can increase the overall value of the home so you can increase your return on investment. There are many ways to approach a kitchen update, from a complete renovation to simple DIY projects.

Fresh Paint

A perk of owning a home is customizing the vibe and color schemes to your interests. But before you put your house on the market, consider giving everything a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint. This will show a potential buyer the possibilities of the space and give the home an updated, clean appeal.

New Flooring

A good way to know if you need new flooring is to think about the age of the existing flooring and request the market trends from a realtor. Typically, old carpet is a hassle for new conventional buyers because many prefer the ease of hardwood. Another thing to note is the return on investment if you add new flooring throughout the home pre-sell.

Cleanup the Landscaping

Conventional buyers are more drawn to curb appeal than you might think. If you don’t maintain the landscape, that’s fine as the owner. But as a seller attempting to attract the right buyer, consider spending some time in the front to update the landscape and clean up any edges or bushes.

If you want to wow potential buyers, spend a little time in the backyard and ensure things are not overgrown or screaming for help. Things like laying mulch, edge trimming, and consistent mowing do not increase the home’s value but increase its appearance.

Remember not to overinvest in home updates because the goal is to sell. But by making some quick and easy upgrades, you can truly add life and value to the house and increase the possibility of selling it quickly.