Effective Ways for Businesses to Save Money on Shipping

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Proper product packaging and shipping are two of the most important things to consider when looking to get your small business off the ground. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the most costly. Whether it’s purchasing the proper materials or signing contracts with your carriers of choice, everything involved in the shipping process can cost you both ample time and money. Your budget can take a surprising hit if you aren’t considering these expenses from the start. To make this process easier for you as well as easier on your company funds, try these ways for businesses to save money on shipping.

Use Cost-Effective Packaging Materials

Packaging materials come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and textiles for you to choose from. As such, the ones you invest in should ultimately depend on your product and your shipping needs. However, the way these materials complement your product shouldn’t be the only thing you consider as you make this decision. In fact, you can often find items that work just as well at a fraction of the cost. Boxes, for example, are commonly used to ship goods because of their all-encompassing size. But there are plenty of superior reasons to ship with poly mailer bags instead—with one of the most noteworthy ones being their reduced price.

Weigh Your Carrier Options

You can also save a bit of extra money by looking into several potential carriers before committing to signing a contract. Shipping professionals tend to charge different rates depending on what you’ll be shipping, how much the average order weighs, and how far they’ll have to transport it. Get quotes from multiple companies and take some time to compare them. This allows you to consider your options more carefully and take the time to pick the company with the best offer for you.

Look for Discounted Rates

Doing some research on your potential carriers can also provide you with some negotiation power when drawing up a contract. In some cases, carriers can provide deals when presented with the reduced rates of their competitors. While this doesn’t work all the time, the knowledge is certainly useful to have. You could also potentially receive deals from carriers by meeting certain shipping volume requirements. Many of these companies offer heavy discounts for the clients who regularly ship large amounts of product through them. So if you can agree to their established volumes, you might be able to get the same deal yourself.

Reuse Packaging If You Can

Another way for businesses to save money on shipping is to reuse certain packaging materials whenever possible. Items like bubble wrap, poly bags, and boxes are all very expensive to replace on a regular basis. However, if they’re still in good condition, there’s no reason why you can’t use them over again for a new shipment. Even if you only do so sparingly, reusing some of your packaging materials can save you hundreds of dollars per package and thousands of dollars every year.