Effective Ways To Promote a New Product

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Effective Ways To Promote a New Product

Once you have come up with and fully created a product, the battle of getting it sold is not nearly finished. The real challenge can come in launching and promoting your product. The success of a product truly comes from what is put into its marketing. It’s possible to have one of the most inventive new products available. But, if the promoting is not present, your product will go nowhere, and neither will your company. To help with this endeavor, read this list of effective ways to promote a new product.

Offering an Exclusive Preview

Hosting a special preview is a great way to get the word about your product out to the public. If this is set up for your loyal customers, it will be even better, as they will be more likely to buy the product and further promote it throughout their network. A preview can be done privately, through a special live event, or virtually online.

Promote It with an Introductory Offer

Having something more to offer your customer is one of the key ways to keep them interested. Sometimes promoting a new product on its own is not enough. Adding a special deal to it like discounted pricing, a coupon with purchase, a gift with a referral, or a bundle or package at a reduced rate are some good options. Loyalty programs are great for this as well. However, you should make it known that the promotion is not ongoing. Customers will then feel much more inspired to utilize the deal and buy your product.

Having a Social Media Contest

Social media has become a major option of usefulness when it comes to promoting. The concept of a social media contest has opened doors for connecting the customer with the producer and the product. The high use of Facebook and Instagram can bring in up to 34% of new customers through a contest campaign. Offer the winner the new product as a gift or at a discount price. Announce plans for the contest across different channels including your company website, email newsletters, and paid ads.

Run Ads Through Facebook

With a traffic amount of one billion active users daily, Facebook offers a large pool of potential customers that your company can reach fast. These ads are useful, specifically because the audience can be targeted using the personalized data volunteered by each user. Furthermore, having a good product label design to be seen on the ad will further catch the user’s eye. This makes it worth knowing the characteristics of a well-designed labelfor a product, which further benefits your marketing as well.

Share Your Customer Reviews

One of the easiest, yet most effective ways to promote a new product is through sharing your customer’s reviews. This essentially is letting your customers promote the product for you. You can ask those who attended events like your exclusive preview to leave a review online, which will show your potential audience that real consumers approve of your product.