#EntrepreneurIntervention Halloween Night Update

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After some extensive proofreading and adjustments, we finally ordered the second proof for the paperback book. We are still on target for our projected official release date of November 25, 2011. However, we are working on some potential marketing joint ventures that could make for an earlier release in mid-November. Please stay tuned for those developments.

As for the eBook version, we are waiting to receive our ePub files back from BookBaby. I will let you know how that goes. That said, I do anticipate making changes to those files as well that will coincide with the paperback changes (no kidding). Stay tuned for those as well.

Keep a look out for the PDF version to be available right here on FinancialBin.com. In addition, I will also post segments of the book on the site to give you guys a taste of what it’s all about.

Thanks for keeping tabs on #EntrepreneurIntervention.

PS: Make to join us on Twitter on 11/20 for our online Global Entrepreneurship Week Event!