Events That Will Attract Customers to Your Coffee Shop

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Most small business owners understand that establishing a successful coffee shop means needing more than a strong menu. One of the best ways to influence customers to choose your store over others is to create a personalized relationship with your community.

When coffee shops become staple establishments that frequently interact with regular community members, these stores are more likely to become go-to social spots. Continue reading to learn more about the best social events that will attract customers to your coffee shop.

Events That Will Attract Customers to Your Coffee Shop

Poetry Night

Writers and poets are some of the most common visitors and consumers of coffee. These artists rely on cafés to provide a space that inspires and motivates their writing process. So why not honor these frequent and loyal customers by hosting a poetry night in your café?

Hosting a poetry night will be an ideal opportunity to meet and speak with some of your regular customers.

New customers will most likely attend your store to hear poetry, and your featured speakers will be grateful.

Afternoon Tea Time

Why not add some sophisticated culture to your café? Afternoon tea time is a tradition that’s been around since the 1840s. Wealthy members of English society created tea time to sit, relax, and enjoy tea and snacks before dinnertime.

Translating this old tradition into your modern café is easy. Create an exclusive tea time menu for interested customers. Offer discounts or deals on classic desserts and pastries. Of course, no afternoon tea time is complete without high-quality tea as well. Contact your wholesale honey distributor to order plenty of honey and sugar for your afternoon beverages. The more you invest in this event, the bigger social highlight it will become. 

Trivia Night

After a long day of classes, work, and other daily responsibilities, most customers want to find a place to unwind and have fun. Create the perfect atmosphere for your customers by starting a fun and light-hearted trivia night at your café.

Trivia nights are ideal because they encourage people to socialize and let loose. When you host weekly trivia nights, your café will become the go-to spot for customers to visit after class and work.

These are a handful of events that will attract customers to your coffee shop. Whether you throw a trivia night or host a taste test for your menu, any of these events will help you build a personal relationship with your customers and community.