Start An Agriculture & Farming Business With These 5 Ideas

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Every one of us is looking for the most lucrative business model to enter into. The work of an entrepreneur is never done, and when it comes to looking for new industries to explore, we naturally go back to the basics with regards to looking for business models that prove lucrative.

Agriculture is one of those models that many entrepreneurs will go back to because it is the fundamental bedrock of our basic human needs. So, what are the best agricultural business models to dip your toe into?

Soil Testing

This is one of the natural approaches to go for because it’s the basis for so many aspects of farming. You can learn more about various resources online, have some information you can take advantage of, but one of the basic business models can include establishing a soil testing laboratory.


Whether this is distributing livestock, fertilizer, or materials; this is a very key aspect of any agricultural industry. Getting the necessary fleets of vehicles can make you a worthy resource, or you could start a business to help farmers move materials back and forth.

You could even help farmers with the construction of buildings to house their animals, but there are plenty of resources when it comes to finding the right fleets, you can visit for more information on what sort of resources trucks are used for in any industry. But as far as distribution is concerned, it is such a fundamental aspect of farming practices.


A hatchery is a very profitable business, because of the fundamental needs for chicks and poultry in general. You could start a hatchery, and sell young chicks to poultry farmers. Because the poultry industry is still in high demand, it’s very possible that you could make a very quick return on investment.

Farming Spices

If you’ve got a passion for herbs and all things flavorsome, you could use this idea to grow spices like nutmeg, thyme, rosemary and so on. Spices will always be in demand, and as farmers will focus more on the actual animal side of things, this could be a market for you to corner. You could supply the spices to traders or you could start to process and package your own.

Producing Fodder

Fodder is foodstuff for the consumption of livestock. As farmers need to feed their animals, you could corner a part of the market by processing and manufacturing food like maize, bone meal, or seaweed as part of an organic initiative. Because people are more inquisitive, and demand to know how organic their meat is, this could certainly prove to be a lucrative business model.

In addition to this, you could branch out into a poultry feed mill, as poultry is in demand, and will continue to be for a long time. If your business is located in a region where there are high numbers of poultry farms, this will be a very profitable business model.

As the agricultural business will continue to be a profitable industry, the budding entrepreneur who wants to explore this avenue should conduct the relevant research and see where it takes them.