3 Types Of Money Role Models You Need To Follow

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financial role models

When it comes to money, we all have habits. Most of the time, they will be already instilled in us. From what are parents do to how we see our futures, you often spend in line with something in your personality. However, this isn’t always something that you like.

Sometimes, you’ll want to really change your approach to money. And looking for new habits can help with that. But who should you base them on? Role models can help you to change your actions, so let’s work out who you should or shouldn’t look to.

Your Parents

It’s only natural that you’re going to want to look to your parents. But just make sure you really understand their spending habits before you mimic them. If your parents are great with money, then ask them for tips. But if they’re a little shady, then look elsewhere.

Financial Gurus

When it comes to finding someone reliable to base your habits on, financial gurus and bloggers can be a safe bet. Because these guys care about you getting your financial life together. They will also give you tips to do it too. So think about reading more blogs and picking through their tips on how you can change your attitude to finance.


While many of us will look to celebrities for style advice or for career motivation, when you look at the infographic below, it’s safe to say that you can’t always do this for financial advice. So be careful who you base your spending habits on.

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