4 Of The Best Ways To Get Your Brand Out There

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get your brand out there

You could have the best product out there, but if no one knows you exist, then your business is never going to take off, let alone get out of the minor leagues. Branding is the process in which you create a well-known identity from your business.

Think of a large, successful company like Coca-Cola; the logo, the signature red and even the shape of their glasses are a signature look that is known worldwide. Coca-Cola probably did the best piece of advertisement branding in the history of business when they changed the color of Santa’s suit from green to red. Most people don’t know that fact, but that Christmas advert is something that people look forward to each year.

Branding is a powerful thing, and you should endeavour to use it to your advantage.

Social Media

In every aspect of your business, there will be a link to social media. And branding is the same – having a ‘brand’ is much more than having a logo or a catchy slogan, it’s about having a code and a message that you live by and work by.

This is what you want to be portraying on your social media. If you are a cosmetic company whose work ethic revolves around animal care, then being involved with animal welfare charities and keeping up to date with conferences, new legislation and the efforts of worldwide organizations, you will not only be staying true to who you are as a company, but will also attract like-minded people and customers.


No company can get away with not doing a bit of advertising – look again at Coca-Cola, they have ads running throughout the year, as well as the eagerly awaited Christmas ad that we mentioned earlier. If you have a product, chances are so do a hundred other companies, and you need to show people why you are the better choice.

By advertising throughout a collection of different mediums – online, TV, radio, billboards and so on – you will reach a much larger audience, and the more you stick in someone’s mind, the more likely they are to think of your company first.


Anything your ship needs to have your name on it. And not just the product itself, but the box it’s in and then the box it’s delivered in. SmashBrand has so great examples of bespoke packaging designs perfect for any business. Think about Amazon – they are a huge international brand that doesn’t sell their product, but you know where it has come from because of the branded tape and boxes that your package arrives in.


Getting involved in events is a great way to get your business out there in a physical sense. You can also give the public a face to put to the company – people like people, and seeing the person who began the company and who is living up to the company message can be inspiring and can make the business more relatable. Events can mean getting involved in local fairs or charities and having stalls at business conferences. The two combined will get

Your name out their in a variety of ways, while keeping you present in the public eye – for all the right reasons.