Getting Your Business Noticed in the Community

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Getting Your Business Noticed in the Community

Local businesses that operate in small communities face the same challenges as the big boys on the Fortune 500. Topping this list of challenges is exposure and being noticed. Getting your business noticed in the community is important for success. Having a social media presence, a web site, and utilizing SEO strategies are all good strategies, but getting attention in the streets and in the neighborhoods is just as important. Try these five strategies to get your business noticed in the community.

Participate in Everything

Sign your business up for every civic group you can and be visible at all local events. Every town has a Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. These downtown revitalization groups are sponsored by the local government to help local businesses. Get involved in community events like Fourth of July fireworks and movies in the park. Whatever event your community is holding, be there and be the face of your business.

Create a Challenge

For restaurants, this is a no brainer. For instance, you can create a food challenge that tasks customers with eating a 4 lb. cheeseburger in 20 minutes. If they finish the whole meal within the given time frame, it’s free. Challenges like this are wildly popular on YouTube, with people even traveling the world to partake in food challenges. It’s free advertising for your business. If you don’t have a restaurant, come up with a challenge specific to your business, perhaps a longest drive contest at a sporting goods store or a speed-reading challenge for a bookstore. Make it fun, yet achievable, and people will flock to try it.

Make Donations

Giving back is a great way to get attention. Donations don’t have to be monetary either. Donate your time, services, or products to charitable groups in the area. There will always be organizations in your community that need all the help they can get. This shows your town that you are invested in the community, and they’ll likely reciprocate and invest in your business as well.

Wrap a Vehicle

Flashy cars and trucks get noticed. Everyone will turn their head to look at a Ferrari zooming down the street. If you have a company car, delivery truck, or your own personal car, wrap it with your business’ branding. Vehicle wrapping covers a vehicle in bright colors, eye-catching graphics, and your unique branding. The louder the car, the better—it’s all about turning heads and getting noticed, after all.

Buy Local Ad Space

Advertising locally will get your business noticed in the community. If your community has a local newspaper, advertise in it. Is your local high school selling ads in the yearbook or on the little league diamond? Buy ad space there as well. Take advantage of every opportunity to buy local ad space. Combining that with a web presence and national campaigns will boost your brand exposure significantly.