How To Go Above & Beyond For Your Workers

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go above and beyond for your workers

What kind of benefits do you currently offer your employees? If you are proud of what you offer to your workers, is it possible that you have become blind to what you could be offering? Is it possible that your employees could be getting more from you?

Increasingly, workforces unionize more strongly and gain a better idea of what they deserve and what should be the case in the workplace, and the more this happens, the more you will need to offer. This is one area where rolling with the punches really is important, at least if you want to keep a strong workforce in your company.

So what should you be offering, which you might currently be overlooking?

Paid Holidays

Offering a certain number of paid holidays is completely standard, and in many countries it is also a legal requirement. As such, merely doing that is not a way to go above and beyond the call of duty. But you can easily do so by simply offering your employees more paid holiday days than other organizations.

If you want your company to particularly stand out, you might even want to look into what your rivals are offering their employees, and go a little higher with your own employees. There’s nothing wrong with giving your employees ore as a way of improving your brand image, and your workers themselves certainly won’t be complaining about such a change anytime soon.

Medical Care

One kind of benefit that is always hugely attractive to potential and prospective employees is medical care. This can come in many forms, and you should spend a little time looking into the different ways of offering this benefit if you really want to ensure you are giving the most you possibly can. One kind of medical benefit which employers often find beneficial to offer to their employees is workers’ compensation managed care.

Along with the initial help of groups like Donn & Company, your business can set up one of these schemes so that an injured worker can be seen swiftly by their choice of medical professional, and in so doing feel safer in the workplace too. This is the perfect example of how protecting your employees is also a way of protecting yourself.

Overtime Rates

As with paid holidays, all businesses should offer something in the way of differing overtime rates. But the amount is almost entirely up to you, and if you feel like being generous then you can offer a larger amount for certain days.

If your employees need to work Sundays or public holidays, you might want to compensate by offering something like double time, or even more if you feel up to it. Balance the books, make sure you can afford it – and then give them so much as you can. This is a great way to keep everyone happy in your organization, and you might be surprised at the results it can bring.

Underlying all of this is a basic rule of thumb: the more you offer your employees, the more attractive your business is to those outside it and within it.