Helping Customers to Remember Your Brand

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Helping Customers to Remember Your Brand

Small business owners tend to focus on how they can gain the attention of the consumer market and raise brand awareness with people who haven’t engaged with their company before. But it’s also important to keep your brand name in the minds of customers who have already engaged with your company and made purchases from you. Now, the best way to do this, of course, is to offer high quality goods and services. Your products or services will speak for themselves and this should keep people coming back time and time again. But there are extra steps that you can take besides this that will really cement your brand name in your customers’ minds. Here are just a couple that you might want to take into consideration and incorporate into your business plan!

Free Branded Material

Packaging holds a whole lot of importance when it comes to getting goods from you to your customers safely, securely, and in a presentable manner. But have you ever considered adding a little something extra to your customers’ parcels besides the items that they’ve paid for? Why not throw in some free and branded promotional material. Not only will your customer be thrilled at a free gift, but it makes a way for your brand name to establish itself into your customer’s life. Think of custom air fresheners. If you include a free branded air freshener in your customer’s order, they will be happy to have a free air freshener (creating positive associations with your brand), but then this air freshener will be in their car. They will see your brand name on a daily basis as they use their vehicle to get from A to B. Your brand will be in the back of their mind each time they head out!

Set Up a Mailing List

When someone purchases something from you, request that they join up to your mailing list in the process. A mailing list is essentially a set of email addresses that you send regular updates and digital promotional material to. You will only need your customers’ email address and permission to sign them up to it. Now, this may seem basic. But being able to pop up in your customers’ inboxes will definitely help to establish your brand in their minds – you will be able to maintain a constant presence in their lives, regardless of whether they are actively buying from you at any given time or not. When they do need to buy something that you offer, they are much more likely to think of your brand immediately and can follow simple links from your emails to your webpage. While maintaining a mailing list can be relatively complicated, you can simplify things for yourself by using specialist mailing list services like MailChimp.

These are just a couple of different options that you have when it comes to helping customers to really remember your brand and your brand name. But they are extremely effective! So, why not give them a try?