Should You Hire a Moving Company or Do It Yourself?

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hire a moving company

If you want to move house but you don’t know if you need a moving company or not then you are not alone. There are hundreds of people out there who contemplate hiring a moving company every single day, so it helps to get some advice before you make your decision.

When you do think about hiring a moving company, you need to make sure that you note how many rooms you have, how far you are moving and how many items you have to move as well. Money will understandably be a huge factor in your decision as well, so look below to find out more.

Your Items

Your moving company will be able to advise you on whether or not you will need one truck to move or two. They will also be able to help you with the route that is going to be taken as well. Of course, the moving company that you hire will be able to tell you whether the cost includes the mileage or if it includes everything, so this is just one of the many things that you have to think about when the time does come for you to get started.

Your Home

A lot of moving companies will want to come to your home in order to give you an estimate. You need to put as much thought into choosing your moving company as you would your estate agent. Your provider needs to be reliable and they also need to be insured as well. If they are not insured then you need to stay well away, because if anything gets broken then you will not be covered by your home insurance and you will need to pay for all of your items out of your own pocket.

The Cost

So now you know which moving company you may be hiring and what to look for, it’s time to move on to whether or not you would be better moving your items yourself or whether you should hire someone else. Some things that you need to take into account include how long it will take you to pack your things and load them up. If it is going to take you all day then this may not be efficient enough if you have to be out of the house by a certain time. You then need to think about how you are going to drive everything to your new destination.

If you have to hire someone to move a specialist item, such as a piano or an appliance then take this cost into account as well. Other things you need to think about include the cost of the packaging supplies, the cost of the petrol, if you are going to pay for your friend’s petrol and more. If the cost isn’t much different then you are better off hiring a moving company because they will be able to help you to move your items efficiently while also making sure that you are completely covered, every step of the way.