Home Office Essentials Checklist

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Home Office Essentials Checklist

Designing a home office requires patience, commitment, and dedication. After all, this is where you’ll conduct your business affairs. For this reason, anyone who works from home must make a home office essentials checklist to create the workspace they need to be their most productive.

Desktop or Laptop

Most business today is done via spreadsheets, writing software, and e-mails, so you’ll naturally need a desktop computer or laptop in your home office. For a desktop computer, consider a dual-monitor system to fully utilize your desk space and reduce the need to navigate your tabs and websites. Of course, with a laptop, you’ll have the luxury of working elsewhere, whether that’s in your living room or at your favorite coffee shop.

Wireless Router

Of course, along with your office computer system, you’ll also need high-speed Internet access. Today, this refers to the broadband connection from routers. Consider a wireless router or connect with an Internet provider to install the fastest Internet for your home office.

An Ergonomic Chair

Make sure to get a chair that provides the proper back support and prevents postural issues. Ultimately, you want a chair that supplies the best ergonomics. This refers to human efficiency in a working environment. A sturdy work chair can provide the most natural body position, which in turn improves your work productivity.

Wireless Printer

A wireless printer is another important feature of any home office space. With so many printers to choose from, making the right choice can be daunting. Regardless, you should look for one that scans, faxes, and copies documents. Be sure to opt for a fast, reliable, modern printer so that you don’t risk issues when you desperately need to print or scan an important document.

Paper Shredder

If you print important documents, you’ll probably have to shred them as well. This is why you should include a paper shredder in your office design. Not many people choose to keep paper shredders in their home offices, but it’s crucial that you have one. Many documents carry sensitive information that often gets stolen or manipulated. Avoid this with a small, portable paper shredder. Additionally, consider a recycling bin for insensitive disposable papers.

Desk Lamp

You’ll also want to see when you work. Organize your workspace near a window for natural sunlight, and include a desk lamp in case you end up working at night. This will also help on cloudy or rainy days when there’s less natural light. Many desk lamps have lighting with optimal vision to make reading and writing less strenuous on the eyes. Consider a dimmable LED desk lamp so that you can alter the brightness and intensity when necessary. Not to mention, LED lights offer a wide array of color temperatures to choose from, and they emit a long-lasting, intense light that’s more environmentally sustainable compared to fluorescent bulbs.